Lincoln Logs: Classic Then. Classic Now.


When I was a kid, we didn’t have nearly the selection of toys that kids have these days. Back then, we played outside a lot. Climbed trees. Played tag.

Inside, it was all about dolls or army men. Card games or board games. Of course, we also played classics like slot cars and Lincoln Logs.

These days, packaging and the composite of some of the pieces may be a little different but the concept behind Lincoln Logs is absolutely the same.

Lincoln Logs - In the Can

Now, I’m sitting back and enjoying watching my girls discover the diversity of this old-time favorite. Since the girls have played with sets like K’Nex, Lego Friends and Tinker Toys for quite a while, they already have the grasp of building from a set of plans.

Lincoln Logs - Closeup of hands

If my memory serves me well, the building process was the fun part. Using the various pieces to create a dream home was always so much fun. If there happened to be leftover pieces, a remodel was in order.

Lincoln Logs - Finished Building

Once it was built, we brought in the army men and other similar toys to play before deconstructing it and starting over. Now, the set comes with a few extra pieces for playing and that’s exactly what my kids did.

Lincoln Logs - Lonely Horse

Honestly, I expected to find it overtaken by Littlest Pet Shop characters so I wasn’t surprised at all to see some extra friends migrate over from other play sets.

Lincoln Logs - Assembled

Lincoln Logs are one of the few toys that transcends generations. They are a classic for kids of all ages. If you don’t have it in your toy arsenal yet, be sure to consider adding it. You can find various traditional sets as well a pink Lincoln Logs at Toys R Us.

16 thoughts on “Lincoln Logs: Classic Then. Classic Now.

  1. Nicole
    I had a Lincoln Log set too when I was a kid. But for me, the composite wood just isn’t the same. I’m glad it’s still being sold but I guess things do change over time. Oh well. But great post, thanks for bringing back a fond memory!

  2. Very cute toys, but man do my kids lose them and leave them all over! I wish they took advantage of the bucket they came in!

  3. We found a nice set of Lincoln Logs at our local thrift store. It was such a score. My kids love them too. Glad to know I can get more pieces at Toys R Us!

  4. My kids have a barrel o’ Lincoln Logs, but they are awful about putting them back in. I’ve almost twisted my ankle from their lack of responsibility so I’m hiding these until they are older. Lol!

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