Ring-O Flamingo Dexterity Game Overview

The girls had such a great time doing video interviews at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair that they decided to step in front of the camera more often. They’re constantly asking for the video camera to provide game tutorials for stuff we have on the shelves. Their latest creation is the Ring-O Flamingo game tutorial.

Know how long we’ve had the Ring-O Flamingo game? A LONG time. The girls were so young when we first received it! And yes, they still play it although now they are much better at it. Me? Still not any good.

Ring-O Flamingo - Gameplay

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10 thoughts on “Ring-O Flamingo Dexterity Game Overview

  1. I have never heard of this game but it looks like loads of fun. Your girls are absolutely precious, it’s great to see them engaged in something like this.

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