No Game Time Celebrations for Us…


This time of year we typically look forward to game time every Sunday by curling up in front of the television to watch the football playoffs. Our team didn’t make it unfortunately. On the bright side, this year marks the games to be held in Sochi, Russia. You might as well hold it here in Iowa with the weather we’ve been having. Today is no exception, snowy and gloomy; you’d think this photo was taken in the evening rather than in the afternoon!

Winter in Iowa #gametimegoodies #shop #cbiasWe love watching the winter sports. Everything from skating to ski jumping to curling, we just can’t get enough of it. With our football team already relaxing in warmer climates we decide to ‘warm up’ with some hot food and cheer on our American hopefuls as they compete for a coveted spot on the team.

It’s too cold to go outside, and the roads haven’t been cleared well enough to allow for delivery. Fortunately last time we were at Walmart we stocked up on the frozen variety! In the past we usually just went for whatever was on sale and splurged for the ‘better’ pizza every once in a while. We could not believe the price rollback on DiGiorno Rising Crust pizza – only $4.50! DiGiorno is our go-to ‘better’ brand and at this price it was no longer a ‘splurge’!

DiGiorna Pizza - Rollback #gametimegoodies #shop #cbiasYou might say my girls were excited for pizza, it had been a while since we had it at home.

DiGiorno Pizza - Anticipation #gametimegoodies #shop #cbiasWe did find an interesting tidbit.  The Rising Crust pizza was vacuum-sealed (LOVE IT!), while the Thin Crust version wasn’t. Vacuum-sealing kept all the ingredients in place which is VERY important when you have more than one child. Otherwise there is fighting later over the pieces of pizza that have extra toppings on them!

DiGiorno Pizza - Sealing Comparisons #gametimegoodies #shop #cbiasThe instructions are very clear; just pop them into the oven at 400 degrees. The thin crust will only take about 17 minutes, while the rising version will take a little longer.

DiGiorno Pizza - Instructions #gametimegoodies #shop #cbiasThey turned out to be just the perfect size to fit side-by-side in our oven.  Notice the pizza stones a couple racks below them. We sometimes make our own at home (not anywhere near $4.50 though, much much more) and have found that leaving the stones in the oven help everything cook more evenly.

DiGiorno Pizza - In Oven #gametimegoodies #shop #cbiasTwenty-three minutes later they are both done!

DiGiorno Pizza - Cooked #gametimegoodies #shop #cbiasAll that is left to do is cheer on the US of A!

DiGiorno Pizza - Rooting #gametimegoodies #shop #cbias

So don’t fret. If your team didn’t make it to the playoffs or were already eliminated, you can still get your sports ‘fix’ from now through February by watching our young athletes rise to the occasion (pun intended). Go USA!

DiGiorno Pizza - Pinterest #gametimegoodies #shop #cbias

19 thoughts on “No Game Time Celebrations for Us…

  1. We make homemade pizza every Friday, but actually had Digiorno a week ago and I was pleasantly surprised! I was envisioning tasteless pizza, but it really did surprise me.

    I love the Olympics! I get excited when the time comes for them.

  2. I love how the kids are looking at those pizzas! LOL! We don’t even need a special reason to make DiGorno’s, they’re such great pizzas! I always have one of two in the freezer when I go out of town for work so that my daughter and husband can make an easy dinner!

  3. My husband and kids love DiGorno’s pizzas so I try to pick them up every now and again for movie night 🙂 I agree — the vacuum sealed ones are awesome (It saves lots of whining over who has more pepperoni!)

  4. DiGiorno has great pizza and they always offer up coupons which makes them a great deal. We have tried the rising crust and really like that. This Winter has also been brutal for us in PA, but you guys in Iowa have it worse. I’m hoping for an early Spring.

    1. I’ve always been a big fan of the rising crust also, but lately have been on a thin-crust phase. I have to say their thin crust (which you can see in the photos) was the better of the two – even if the toppings were lopsided! 😉

  5. Go USA!
    I never even thought about the vacuum sealing keeping the toppings in place – we would definitely have fights over who had the most xyz in our house!

  6. Mmm… a fan of homemade pizza also, but sometimes it is nice to have DiGiorno in the freezer – especially for game time when I want to relax, too. Less mess and you can’t beat the rollback pricing. I hope you didn’t make those hungry girls wait to long to dig in. 🙂

  7. I just made one of the individual size DiGiorno Rising Crust pizzas last night!! DiGiorno is one of the only brands I will buy. Remember I am single so I have to find the individual size–not easy lately for some obscure reason. So, DiGiorno people-if you by chance read this–PLEASE get more of the individual size pizzas out there for me to buy and eat up!!

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