It is hard to believe that a few years ago, when I stepped on a scale, I would get really upset. Sadness and depression always followed. The scales tipped at a weight that – based on my height – classified me as obese.

As we started our weight loss journey, getting on a scale was a series of emotional roller coasters. Managing our food and snacks reflected with the scale going down. Exercise and strength training resulted in the scale going up. It was all positive in the big picture but when I would step on the scale and actually SEE it going up, it upset me. We tested out and started using the Zero Scale and that worked out great while we were focused so much on weight. Once we reached plateaus, we stopped utilizing the zero feature and just used it as a regular scale. It works but it isn’t a perfect fit for us at our current stage in the weight management process.

Ozeri Scale with Box

Along came the Ozeri Rev Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial. It is sleek looking made of impact-resistant tempered glass and featuring both digital (LCD) and analog (dial) readings. The design is simple but the base provides a large platform to step on with an upper-end weight limit of 400 lbs.

Ozeri Scale with person

With a light-up display, this scale is easy to read and auto-calibrates. It also turns off automatically to extend the battery life.

It apparently has an alarm to remind you to weigh yourself at the same time each day but I haven’t tested that out yet. Mainly because I’m at a stage where I don’t weigh myself daily. However, I do need to acknowledge the importance of that feature. There are dramatic differences in weight depending on what time of day you check your weight. For that matter, it also makes a huge difference if you’re dehydrated or not. I can’t tell you how many times I would get on the scale and react to the numbers only to be reminded by my husband that time of day, exercise, food/drink consumption and more all play into it. For anyone who weighs daily, this feature will certainly come in handy.

What I like most about the Ozeri scale is that I can step onto it anywhere and instantly have a reading. No fidgeting to make sure I’m in the “best” place. The base is large and it is quick. The only thing I don’t like is that like many other scales, it needs to be on a flat/tile surface. That means I can’t stash it away in the walk-in closet. So it’s kind of in the middle of my bathroom, right in front of the tub. That drives me crazy but I’ve become accustomed to it since that’s where our prior one resided as well. Aside from the physician-style scale I used while trying to lose weight before my wedding (a LONG time ago), none of the scales we have owned worked on carpet. It’s part for the course. Overall, the Ozeri scale offers exactly what I need.

If you’re looking for a new scale, this one is worth checking out. For more information on Ozeri products, visit their website or weigh in with them on Facebook or Twitter.

12 thoughts on “Weighing Our Options

  1. Although I do get on my scale every day I can fluctuate 3 to 5 pounds in a day which either makes me happy or sad–I do try to weigh myself at the same time each day. Drives me right up the wall–up down up down–too much liquid, too little liquid—-oh well. This does look like a scale that I would like –as much as I’d like any scale!

  2. That alarm feature is brilliant! I always forget to weight myself at the proper times so my weight seems to vary, but I know it’s bc of the time difference.

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