Can’t Beat Grilled Onions

Can’t Beat Grilled Onions


When we started watching what we ate a few years back, we tried to make choices that fit not just to our “diet” but also to our minds. Completely cutting out foods that we loved and enjoyed just didn’t make sense. There’s a difference between living and existing and when you make so many cuts that you’re miserable, you life tips toward the “existing” end of the scale. It wasn’t part of any kind of New Year’s Resolution but as each new year rolls in and I see people swearing to a new year/new diet, I always think about the things that helped us along the way.

Adding more vegetables and drinking more water were just a few easy changes to implement. Eating things likes chocolate fell under the umbrella of “allowed in moderation”. But we also found ways to modify without really noticing too much of a change. One example is that when we have omelettes, we incorporate vegetables (mainly grilled onions) and use mostly egg whites.

Omelette Pan

Grilled onions are one of those simple ingredients that transform recipes. They take on an entirely different flavor than in their original, uncooked, form. Even our daughters enjoy cooked onions!

Using the Ozeri 10″ Stainless Steel Earth Pan, we set to work to create a delicious and nutritious breakfast. And when I say “we” of course, I mean hubby. I’m not quite so good in the kitchen.

Ozeri Pan Opening

Since hubby does the majority of the cooking, I’m in charge of the cleaning. The Ozeri pan has a PFOA-free non-stick surface making it super-easy to clean. Most of the pans that we own are infused anodized which are stick-resistant and provide good browning. Unfortunately, that often means the need to let them soak to get all the cooked bits out of the pan. We believe in owning products that fit the bill exactly if we know we’re going to utilize them. In this case, the non-stick surface is perfect.

Ozeri Pan Starting Onions

The coating of the Ozeri pan allows the onion to sit without sticking while we make a few different omelets for each family member. While you want your New Year’s Resolutions to stick you don’t want your food to.

Ozeri Pan Finished Onions

Of course, the key to good grilled onions is adding liberal amounts of black pepper. A simple vegetable transforms even simple egg whites into something that doesn’t seem like a sacrifice. These little changes have made a big impact in our ability to continue with our better eating habits. As you roll into the new year, look for recipes, ideas and even tools that can make or break your resolution.

Things that can make it stick… or not.

Check out what else we have to say about Ozeri products. For more information on Ozeri, check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter or find Ozeri products on Amazon.


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12 comments on «Can’t Beat Grilled Onions»

  1. My husband would love these, they’re so versatile you can use them on almost anything.

  2. Michele says:

    We our big onion fans. That pan would have come in handy tonight when we grilled onions for French Onion Soup.

  3. Love grilled onions, adds so much flavor!

  4. This is so funny that I came across this post! My son used a knife in our pan making eggs (???) so I have to buy a new one tomorrow. I will check out Ozeri.

  5. That makes easy work of cooking up those onions. I’m liking that Ozeri pan a lot. My non-stick pans are peeling which I think is dangerous.

  6. My hubby and my son love onions on just about everything (not just burgers). I love my non-stick pans for grilling onions! 🙂 The Ozeri looks awesome!

  7. Amanda says:

    I’m not much of an onion person but these look yummy

  8. brett says:

    I don’t like onions much unless they are grilled or carmelized and in things but this is how I prepare them!

  9. We use grilled onions in many recipes! SO GOOD!

  10. mel says:

    Grilled onions are my favorite-yum!

  11. OMG.. I missed Grilled Onions SOOO much; I used them all the time…. but now I’m allergic to them (just found out a few months ago..),… I’m glad I feel better BUT soooooo miss them; dinner without onion in anything just isn’t dinner :-(… thanks for sharing; loved your picture I sooo could smell it…:-)

  12. Sinonut says:

    I do not like Grilled onions.

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