“Hey! Who let the cow in the fridge?”

Oh, sorry. Sidetracked. Let me MOOOVE him over while I grab the inspiration for my post.

During one of our recent trips to Chicago, we stopped at a local ice cream chain. It’s one of the few places that still offers milk delivery to your doorstep. My girls didn’t even understand the concept of not getting milk at the store.

Pretty much the same way I’ve had trouble grasping milk that isn’t in the fridge.

The interesting thing is that they’re safe. On the shelf. Not only does that make them easier to store but they are shelf stable for longer than jug milk.

Plus, they can be tossed into a lunchbox, tote bag or backpack in lieu of less nutritious beverages. As a bonus, since Chocolate Milk is the official beverage of Halloween, you can even drop them into trick-or-treat bags. What parent would argue with that? Kids don’t realize how nutritious these are. To them, it’s just like a juice box. They taste good and a single serving size is easy (and familiar) to grab when someone in the house wants a beverage.

It gets better, though. TruMoo is even teaming up with Goosebumps for a Halloween promotion.


For more details, stats and information about milk, visit the Milk Unleashed website. You can also follow them on Twitter or Pinterest, like them on Facebook or subscribe on YouTube. You can visit TruMoo on Facebook and TetraPak on their website.

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