Making Priceless Golf Memories w/ My Dad

Making Priceless Golf Memories w/ My Dad


As a wife and mother, I see first-hand what kind of sacrifices a dad makes.

Whether it means…
Giving up the last bite of a favorite food because one of the kids wants it…

Enjoying quality father-daughter time playing Barbie or coloring...

Buying tickets and attending a concert for Big Time Rush, a band that he doesn’t know nor care about just because his daughters wanted to…Sitting patiently through hours and hours of practices and meets for gymnastics, swimming or any other sport the kids decide to play while he misses out on attending something for himself…

Or even just caving in to the kids’ choice of radio or TV stations.

No matter what, Dad comes last on the priority list. Even when I insist he put himself first (or at least not last) he refuses.

Because that’s what dads do.

Growing up, my dad did all kinds of things for me but I never saw his sacrifices. Kids don’t see those things.

Looking back, I realize that my dad has always been pretty amazing. I loved hanging out with him even when I was really little. Doesn’t every little girl?

He worked hard but he always made time for us.  He was my Little League coach, helping to create the league in our small town and even going so far as to carve out a section of the field in front of the school specifically for a ball diamond. He was an awesome coach, never playing favorites and always encouraging us to do our best. I was the bat girl when I was too young to play, then I was given a spot in right field before earning my stripes with enough training to be able to play any position on the field.

Dad taught me.
Dads are awesome like that.

As I grew older, he helped me whenever I needed it. Building things for 4-H, shuttling me to and from meetings, dance practices, sports practices and events.

Considering we lived 30 miles outside of town, nothing was ever simple.

But Dad found a way.
Dads always do. 

But how do you pay someone back for years of missed quality time with friends, TV shows, travel and personal luxuries? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of telling him. Sometimes, you go the extra mile and embrace what makes him happy.

My dad is a huge golf fan. He watches the tournaments regularly and even DVRs them. Each year, he golfs as often as possible and attends events whenever he is near one.

Next weekend, I’ll be bringing my dad to the John Deere Classic (part of the PGA tour), where we’ll be inside the ropes as Honorary Observers. It’s a program made possible through MasterCard. An exclusive benefit for cardholders.

Our special passes entitle us to VIP parking and a Clubhouse tour. We’ll be assigned a group during registration, announced to the gallery then we’ll travel with that PGA group for their entire round.

Inside the ropes.

With the PGA professionals.

I called my dad to see if he would be interested in joining me at the tournament and he said the crowds are pretty crazy on the final day. Thousands of people. When I asked how many people would be inside the ropes, he hesitated. I explained the Honorary Observer program and asked if he would be interested in traveling inside the ropes because the “thousands of people” wouldn’t be there.  He said yes. After a short discussion, I could hear the giddiness in his voice. Like a little kid in a candy store.

Until recently, I never knew there WAS such a program… Stay tuned next week when I share how the experience went! Can’t wait to make these #PricelessGolf Memories with my dad!

(On a side note, the pictures in this post wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my mom who dropped everything to look for them for me when I asked. Moms can be pretty awesome too.)

For more information on this unique program,including a variety of sports, culinary, arts, entertainment and other amazing opportunities in and around Chicago, visit the PricelessGolf website, fan them on Facebook or follow Priceless and MasterCard on Twitter!


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37 comments on «Making Priceless Golf Memories w/ My Dad»

  1. What a touching post! Love that you can have father/daughter time! MasterCard helps to provide its members with such great experiences!

  2. Mel says:

    I'll be working the 9th hole up in the tower on the green. Make sure and get my attention to say hi! I'm back in town for the tournament to work with my mom and see friends. Have a great time at the tournament.

  3. A father’s role is very important in any child’s life and it is wonderful to see real fathers stepping up to the plate and being role models to their children.

  4. Rachee says:

    What a beautiful post and thank you for sharing. I love reading about a dad who has gone above and beyond. This is fantastic.

  5. Terry says:

    What a treat that you get to take your Dad to the John Deere Classic. What a great Dad you had growing up, so nice that you can now give back.

  6. This all brought tears to my eyes since I no longer have my dad with me, but he was one of those extraordinary dads too. Also, this whole golf outing would indeed have been a priceless memory for him!

  7. Rosey says:

    Totally looking forward to hearing how the event goes. How awesome for you to be able to treat your dad, and I loved your post!

  8. Awww, that is so great that you get father/daughter time like that. Growing up, my father always worked 2 full time jobs, so I barely saw him. Actually, he still does, so I still barely see him 🙁

  9. kay adeola says:

    Thats really great that your father was there for you like that,some people seem to think a child will be ok with just a mum but i think a dad is just as important.

  10. Emily says:

    I am so fortunate to have an awesome relationship with my dad. He was always carting me here and there, and helping me with this or that. When I moved 1500 miles away, he came to visit 6 times a year – and he did that for 12 years. Now that we live close to one another again, we see each other often and still go on “father/daughter” dates.

  11. Dads are indeed awesome! Mine sure was and I know my husband will be a great dad one day too !

  12. Theresa says:

    Your dad sounds like a real gem! I think it’s so wonderful all the great memories he helped to create for you when you were small, and now you can give him a great memory back with the golf outing! That really is priceless.

  13. becca says:

    What a beautiful post and to be able to make memories that last a lifetime that truly is priceless.

  14. Lawna says:

    Sadly, not all fathers today are stand up men. I am glad my children have such a wonderful father. We have four children and he constantly helps me with all of them.

  15. What a great opportunity, it is always great to go do something special with the ones who sacrificed and raised us. Of course the best part is that they never expect it or ask for it because to them all they did was spend time with the greatest kid they knew.

  16. Nicole A. says:

    Love that you have such a great relationship with your dad. I would have loved to have had that.

  17. Triplezmom says:

    I hope you and your dad have a wonderful time. My cousin is a golf pro and he loves bringing his dad to PGA events!

  18. You are so very lucky to have your dad with you. And all these wonderful pictures to look back on!

  19. Pam says:

    This will be a great experience for you and your dad! I’m sure you’ll both have an awesome time.

  20. GossipMoms says:

    This is so tatally cool, having a father there is a great gift, I hope you & your dad continue to bond with each other, & love the pics

  21. I just LOVED this post. I didn’t realize just how much my dad did for us kids until I got off to college. I have a lot of great talks with my mom where she told me all the things my dad gave up so he could take care of us. Or how he would always make sure to slip an extra $20 into my pocket when he dropped me off at my apartment after a weekend home visiting. Dads are just awesome.

  22. Oh those are great photos. You will cherish these for years to come.

  23. What a lovely post, out of my parents if I am going to clash with one it will be my Dad as we are very similar, but he’s amazing we can talk for hours and he is such a fountain of knowledge. x

    1. I did not grow up with my father/dad, so I can understand what a loss it is to NOT have those moments, and still know that even if we can’t do it all for our kids, we learn.

  24. Tess says:

    Awesome post about dads! I remember all the things that our dad did for us.

  25. My dad works abroad for us, so it’s really valuable when he comes home. Thanks for sharing this. 😀

  26. What a fantastic post! I loved all the old pics, too! I’m such a daddy’s girl 🙂

  27. Pam says:

    I have so many good memories of growing up and everything both my mom and dad did for me and my siblings. My father just turned 90 and we spent the day talking about all the fun times we had from way back when. I am very lucky because my mom took great pictures and saved them for us.

  28. What a great post about Dads, it made me teary eyed to remember! So nice that you can give your Dad something unique and special like that.

  29. veronica says:

    What a great post. It brought back memories of my dad who died about 26 years ago when I was jut 15. I have so many fond memories of him

  30. Amanda says:

    LOVED this! Such precious memories. I love getting to know you better through your photos!

  31. Eliz Frank says:

    Such touching memories and pictures… It’s amazing what we recall years later.

  32. erin says:

    You have such precious pictures. So many great memories.

  33. Those are truly some priceless memories to treasure! A good dad is truly a gift in and of itself .. and one I think many may take for granted.

  34. Watching my husband be a father to our 2 children has made me fall in love with him all over again. He is so wonderful with them! We aren’t to the point where is buying concert tickets just yet, but I know he would do that for our daughter in a heartbeat!

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