Sometimes things happen that make me stop and think about my life, my past and how I’ve arrived at where I am today. As I listened to the inspiring story of how Turf went from homeless to America’s Got Talent stardom, I realized that I have been gifted with so much that I never had to experience life “alone” and helpless. I went from the comfort of my childhood home to college (still sheltered by my parents’ wings) to the beginning of my current life alongside my husband. While I made some decisions on my own, it wasn’t anything life-altering.

It took a while before I realized that I wasn’t even making my own decisions about everyday purchases. The products that lined the refrigerator and shelves of my childhood home were the same products that landed in my grocery basket as a young adult. Products like Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, Tide Detergent, Lipton Tea and Cascade Dishwasher Detergent.

During the early years of our marriage, money was tight and I used coupons and sales to help make ends meet. I began purchasing generic versions of some products, like cereal. There were so many different kinds that I liked, that I was perfectly happy using this as a way to save some money. Well, I was content anyhow.

Over time, as money wasn’t as much of an issue, I still felt a need to maintain some sense of frugality and often made minor changes when I thought it wouldn’t matter. As I continued to grow and started my own family, I started rethinking all the household staples that I was using just because mom did. I tried different laundry detergents, yet Tide is on my shelf as I type this. For the most part, I didn’t notice any major differences with the clothes; they all worked okay for basics. The difference was that my skin reacted poorly to some other brands so I find myself gravitating back to, well, what mom used.

Then there’s the issue with dishwasher detergent… If the plates and glasses are cleaned off, what difference does it make? Well, let me tell you this: It makes a difference. We purchased glasses at an auction because they were the perfect size for my daughters, nicer looking than the plastic ones we had been using regularly and inexpensive so I didn’t care if they were dropped and broken. I was on one of my “let’s buy the cheaper kind” kicks and it didn’t take long before I noticed that our new glasses were getting cloudy looking. I compared them to glasses at the back of the cabinet that didn’t get used as much and it was very obvious how bad it was. Ugh.

So I purchased rinse aid and hoped to get them nice and shiny again. It was too late though. The cloudiness must actually be etching because it isn’t coming clean no matter what I do. Including switching back to…

…Cascade… what mom used.

Right now, I’m using Cascade Platinum. They are prepackaged pods so there’s no guesswork involved. Just toss one into the compartment and go. Since I’ve been letting my girls take on more responsibility, including getting the dishwasher started, this is a nice way to make sure they putting just the right amount in. They used the power of Dawn (yes, mom used that too) to cut through the grease.

When the dishes are done, they come out looking all clean…

…and sparkly and pretty.

I guess mom does know best. Even if I never knew why.

For more information on Cascade products, check out the Cascade website or find Cascade on Facebook. You can even find informative YouTube videos! Be sure to print a Cascade coupon before you pick it up at the store!

Need a little encouragement or tips? Look no further than Top Chef Judge and Food+Wine Magazine editor, Gail Simmons. (She’s awesome!) Here’s a video of her talking about the importance of how you plate your food!  Good luck with the contest!

What product did your mom use when you were growing up that you find yourself using as an adult?

17 thoughts on “Mom Knows Best

  1. Lovely post! I enjoyed reading through…..we didn’t have dishwasher back then but one thing I use until today that my Mom and Grandma used back then are skin care products like Dove and Nive and Ponds. And I am very loyal to those =)

  2. Wow! That is really shiny! I’m terrible with using the dishwasher. My husband says I don’t know how to load them. Maybe this will help! lol!

  3. This seem to be a great product, I remember my mom using detergent bar when washing dishes when I was a child but now we use Dish washing liquid that are better than bar.

  4. I have not used this brand of detergent for the dishwasher. I always wonder if it leaves anything behind on the dish you know? These look like a great product, anything that leaves my dishes clean makes me happy.

  5. Would you believe I have a dishwasher that I hardly ever use. Not sure why, except I like my dishes to stay new and shiny…. but if Cascade works this well… Why the heck am I hand washing?

  6. I am sitting here smiling–why? Because all three products your Mom used my Mom still uses! And the same thing happened to me when I tried to switch from Tide to a different detergent—itch itch itch!! I’m now 64–Mom is 92–and yeah I guess they really do know best although I’ll NEVER admit that to her!!

  7. I loved this article – I have to say I remember my Grandmother using folders instant coffee. The smell makes me smile to this day. My mother used to buy those Oscar M, cheese hotdogs for my friends and I in the summer. I buy them for my kids now in the summer

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