The Beauty and Challenge of Writing


Once upon a time, I loved to write. I’m not talking about blogging. I’m talking about physically writing. I had always been told I had beautiful handwriting and I prided myself in that. Not only did I revel in the joy of handwriting class in school, but I gladly wrote cards, thank you notes and letters. When someone wanted ‘pretty’ handwriting on a certificate (you know, back in the day before computers did that for us), I volunteered to do it. Taking the time to send birthday cards in the mail as well as letters to friends and relatives wasn’t a chore.

Then everything went digital.

Birthday wishes are now sent via email, Facebook or in the case of family, a phone call. Christmas cards? Well, I send SOME but didn’t any this year.  Friends send us a type-written story-board of the prior year of their life along with a card. Get well wishes? Yup. Facebook or phone call. Sad, really. I seldom stop to consider sending flowers or balloons. Taking the time to actually correspond via the mail has faded away. The days of randomly sending someone a card are all but gone. When cards ARE sent, they are usually accompanied by a signature and maybe an “I love you” or “Thinking of you” obligatory closing response.

Can you relate? Do you remember the last time you received something that made you feel all warm and fuzzy?

I was participating in a Twitter party recently and the question was raised about how people stay connected. Overwhelmingly, the response was Facebook, email and text. But I noticed that someone commented on how much they like send handwritten notes and letters to people. Handwritten. I thought that was so cool.

As luck would have it, I received an email from Hallmark the following day asking if I wanted to participate in the “Hallmark Get-Carded 7 Day Challenge”. Totally inspired by the Twitter party conversation and reminiscing on how much I used to enjoy it, I took up the challenge. After receiving a nice packet from Hallmark, I was set to take on the beauty and challenge of writing.

First, I have to tell you that my experience with the card aisle is usually when I need a special card for a graduation, shower or other event. I honestly cannot remember the last time I walked down the aisle looking at the artistry of the cards themselves. A lot of crafters have gotten into the hobby of creating beautiful cards but I hadn’t noticed that Hallmark had done the same. From “Life is Good” to specialty cards made of wood or embroidered, Hallmark has a great variety to choose from.  They’re even green touting “This card is made with paper from sustainably managed forests.”

Write a note and drop it in the mail. The results are priceless. -

Oh yeah, did I mention how pretty they are? My photos absolutely do not do them justice. You need to touch and feel them the next time you’re at the store. Even if you don’t plan to buy them, at least look at them. They’re lovely.

And they may inspire you to write. You know… with a pen.

After sending the cards out, I heard back from one recipient who has been under the weather a bit lately. She said it was the most thoughtful card she has every received. Whether she meant it or was just saying it didn’t matter because honestly, I DID put a lot of thought into it. While the card was a product of the 7 Card Challenge, it made me realize that sending a card is therapeutic and beautiful.  Not only did writing and sending them make ME feel happy, but it put a smile on the face at least one of my recipients.

How about you?  What are your thoughts on sending cards and letters? Do you still do it? Think you could take the 7 Card Challenge?

For more information on Hallmark, visit their website, follow on Twitter or Like them on Facebook or check out their YouTube page.

29 thoughts on “The Beauty and Challenge of Writing

  1. I was really sad when my kids told me cursive is not taught like it use to be at school. Hand writing looks so nice and is so personal. I wish more people did it still(Kim)

  2. I still send out handwritten greeting cards I just finished my stack of Easter cards. I still love sending cards as well as digital ones but I love knowing Iput my personal touch on something.

  3. These are super cute! I love sending cards, its so much more personable than email!

  4. I have terrible handwriting. but I prefer to write on paper then on my computer. I have loads of notebooks lying around. I love hallmark cards. Just brought one yesterday, as it’s my mum and dad’s wedding anniversary today

  5. I dont usually send letters, but Birthday cards and other cards to say hi/ Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, you know…. I definitely send those! I have 15 sitting next to me at the moment actually that need to be sent out for Easter. There is just something special about receiving a card.

  6. This morning I came home to a handwritten letter from a Facebook friend! Totally made my day! I don’t send out enough cards. But I think this is something I want to start doing more. Love the idea of the 7 day card challenge.

  7. I love handmade, handwritten sentiments! I still make them and I still write personal cards. It feels different than an online message and you can’t really replace actual pen and ink when it comes to personalization IMO.

  8. I love sending cards I think there is something personal about it – though sometimes my hands don’t agree with me they don’t like holding a pen..

    Those cards look beautiful as well I love the detailing on them. x

  9. I am guilty of communicating just about everything via Facebook and sometimes telephone. When I do receive a card, It always touches my heart. My hub only gets me Hallmark cards because he said they are the best and I agree.

  10. I did the 7-card challenge last year and it was really fun. I used to be a big letter writer, although I’m sure my handwriting isn’t as beautiful as yours.

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