Winners – Various Giveaways!

Winners – Various Giveaways!

Is anyone besides me wondering where days and nights go when the kids are out of school? I used to surf and blog during the day while the kids were at school then really focus on my blog when the kids went to bed. Well… things are a bit haywire now. During the day, I get interrupted so many times that I cannot complete a creative thought. To top it off, we changed their bedtime and now by the time I get them in bed, my brain can no longer function. Thank goodness that DH got an iPad for me so I can jot blog notes down while I’m sitting at swim practice! (Thanks Hubby!)Anyway… A friend politely reminded me that I haven’t posted the winners of the latest giveaways so here they are!

Fruit2O prize pack: CookiesANDClogs
Recipe Club book: Haydensmommy05
Wii:  anthy
XBox360:  Mel
PS3:  jceko77
Congrats to all the winners!
There’s currently a giveaway for Take the Cake, a game for young children and more giveaways are to follow!


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  1. anthy says:

    Thank you so much! My nephew will love the game. I'm emailing you back right now. 🙂

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