Winner – Seagate FreeAgent DockStar

Thanks again to Seagate for providing the prize pack to accompany my review. The FreeAgent DockStar and FreeAgent Go provide a great way to share pictures, videos and documents with people outside your home – or for you when you’re away! Thanks to everyone who entered in hopes of winning this fabulous prize.

But there can only be one winner and this time selected comment #74 – Nelsby.  Well, Nelsby, watch your email for details on how to claim your prize.  Be sure to respond within 72 hours or I’ll move along to the alternate.

Thanks again for participating in this great promotion!  More to come…

1 thought on “Winner – Seagate FreeAgent DockStar

  1. THIS post made me laugh! Isn't it funny that such an everyday thing has such an international opinion? I loved that you were SO honest about the brands. I notice so many companies short changing us…it makes me mad that they THINK we are too dumb to notice. I would rather just pay the increase if they HAVE to and have businesses respect the consumer instead of trying to "trick" us

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