Winners – Bisquick, Spirited and Corked

I’ve had a few contests close recently… so it’s probably a good idea to post the winners, right? Although the Bisquick giveaway netted several entries, I was surprised that both the book contests had very low entry numbers. My readers must be blog-readers instead of book readers!

Hopefully, Linda Kish is hungry because she’s the winner of Bisquick Pancake Nation prize pack.

As for the book giveaways:
Five winners were selected to win a copy of Corked by Kathryn Borel Jr.  Since there were several methods to enter, I drew 10 names to ensure that I pulled five unique winners.

Stash Mama, Enyl, Courtney, Megan and Debijot.

And for the giveaway for Spirited by Rebecca Rosen, Enyl will be walking away with the book.

Congrats to all the winners – watch your emails for your official announcement and how to claim your prize(s)!

And everyone else… If you haven’t already, be sure to enter the giveaway for a Seagate FreeAgent Go (portable drive) and FreeAgent DockStar (network adapter). The fantastic geekware package is valued at approximately $180 and as of right now, the entry numbers are pretty low.

Soon to come, chances to win a Yoplait Greek Yogurt Spa Package and a How to Train Your Dragon video game!

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