What is it with Music and Babies?


When Miss M was just a baby, there were many nights when she battled going to sleep. Both mentally and physically exhausted, I would hand her to DH for relief.

More often than not, he would set her on his lap in front of the computer and start playing music. Not lullaby music. Not baby music. Just any music. And without fail, she would conk out on his shoulder in a snap.

I think that’s where her love of music started. Now, at age 6, no matter what she is doing, she’ll drop everything and run to either of our computers the minute she hears music playing.

The other day, it was no different. As part two of a campaign through BuzzParadise, I was watching “Evian Roller Babies”.  As soon as it started, she was watching over my shoulder.
Miss M:  “Mom, what’s that?”

Me: “It’s something I’m watching for work, honey.”

Miss M: “Cool!  Miss K, Did you see that baby?!  He was skating! That’s silly.”

And with that, I had both my daughters watching…

… and giggled.  Back and forth for the entire video they provided commentary on what the Roller Babies were doing.  It may have started with music to lull the girls to sleep when they were babies, but it has evolved into an appreciation of all things musical. I love it.

But honestly, the video isn’t about music.  It is actually a media campaign for Evian. While I’m not typically a fan of You-Tube based ad campaigns, this one did make me giggle, too.  If you enjoyed the video, swing by their campaign website, Evian Live Young, for behind the scenes videos as well as links to Facebook pages for the babies.

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  1. Georgina says:

    the skating babies is a good idea… what are they advertising again?

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