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It’s been a while since Ally McBeal was on prime time television.  I watched it occasionally but was never a die-hard fan.  I’m pretty sure if we had a DVR back then, I would have been a junkie about the show.

But no matter what level my interest in the show, it was impossible to escape that dancing baby thing.  Well, thanks to BuzzParadise and Evian, I’m having flashbacks… check out their latest teaser video.  (How ironic that it’s called “Baby Dancer.”)

This is just a teaser for Evian’s Live Young campaign. As long as the videos are cute and don’t go the way of Logitech’s botched Remote Disasters idea, it should be pretty entertaining. For the record, the Remote Disasters website was a video campaign but either the videos were poorly executed by horrible actors or were just outright fake (or both). Either way, I hope Evian’s people do a better job than Logitech’s did!

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