Oh, My Aching Back

Oh, My Aching Back

Back in January, DH convinced me that the BlogHer conference in Chicago is an opportunity that I shouldn’t pass up.  It’s a close enough drive that I don’t have a huge airfare bill to worry about and I have enough great blogging friends that was able to find a roomie or two to help split the hotel costs with.  I registered early enough to get the discounted registration fee so that helped also.  There are constantly companies popping up offering scholarships and sponsorships but I haven’t been fortunate enough to land one of those yet.  But I’ll keep plugging away in hopes that something will come along.

Like right now, for example.  Protect-A-Bed has been working with bloggers to review their Protect-A-Bed Mattress & Pillow Covers and they understand how important bloggers are.  They’ve teamed up with What’s That Smell and 3 P’s in a Pod and are offering a $300 scholarship toward “costs associated with attending the Blogher ‘09 conference.”  The primary requirement for entry is to explain in a blog post “how the scholarship will help you attend Blogher” and that’s what you’re reading right now.So how would the scholarship help me?  As I said before, DH and I agreed to pay the bills and I would work to earn whatever scholarships and sponsorships I could.  But honestly, the thing I hadn’t planned on was computer access.  My laptop went out last summer so I won’t have a laptop to use.  A blogger showing up at a blogging conference sans computer is like a mom taking a baby in public without a spare diaper… it just doesn’t make sense.  I’m pretty sure that walking around BlogHer with my desktop in tow would lead to some back problems.  Plain and simple, if I were to win the Protect-A-Bed $300 scholarship, I would put it toward a new laptop to take with me to the BlogHer conference.

Thanks to Protect-A-Bed, What’s That Smell and 3 P’s in a Pod for this opportunity.  If I’m selected as one of the finalists, I’ll need the help of my friends to vote for me to actually win it.  I hope I’m selected and if I am, expect the next post to be one of me begging for votes!


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  1. Is it rude to say I laughed at the image of you toting a desktop computer and monitor around with you. Like on a little cart?

    Thanks for entering! Good luck!

  2. I bet I can get you a cart from work for that desktop..but you’d have to find either a REALLLLY long cord..maybe they sell those at Lowe’s on a roller so you just unroll as you walk along…that would be pretty funny!

  3. Nicole – Thanks so much for entering our contest and for the kind words!

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