I attended a baby shower a few weekends ago.  Before becoming a mom, I hated showers because I never had any chance as enjoying all the ridiculous games that guests are forced to endure during baby showers.  It’s not about winning, it’s about how silly or stupid we all feel when we’re trying to guess what type of baby food is in the jar or who can empty a drink from a baby bottle fastest.   As a mom, I now get that doing things that make you feel silly or stupid is really how you are able to enjoy your children.  You know… release your inhibitions and dance around like an airplane with your child.As we all sat around chatting before the shower games began, we talked about some of the different games that we’ve played in the past.  Someone mentioned that their favorite game was the one where the host calls out an item and everyone rummages through their purse or bag to find the item.  Whoever matches the most, wins.  I hated that one too because I’m not one to haul around a purse.  Never have been.  During the diaper changing years, I did… by necessity… and it had everything you could think of ‘just in case’.  But for the most part, I travel pretty light.

Well, upon reviewing “BagsInABag“, I’ve decided that the product was inspired by that baby shower game.  They are bags filled with a bunch of things that you grumble when you’re somewhere and realize you wish you had.  Things like a band aid, a pain killer, a nail file, a cough drop and me, oh, my… tweezers.  Ever have a heel of your shoe break on the way to a meeting?  Some super glue would have fixed it up real nice.

The BagsInABag product is such a novel concept.  There are a variety of bag designs to choose from – smaller than a child’s pencil box.  More like the size of a makeup bag.  Each bag is jam-packed with so much stuff that when I first started emptying it, it felt like a clown car.  Geez, how much stuff can they cram in here?

Each bag is neatly organized with like items and labeled to help find what you need.  Here’s an incomplete sampling of what mine contains:  A bag marked ‘tools’ contains a few items for nail care, super glue and a pencil.  One marked “Cold” has children and adult cold medicines, an Emergen C sample and Alka-Seltzer.  “Pain” has various types of pain relief medicine.  “Hands” is packed with a rubber glove, nail polish remover pads, hand sanitizer wipes and lotion.  “Cotton” includes Qtips, cotton balls and a tampon.  Each of those bags that I listed has more than just the items I noted and there are also bags titled “First Aid, “Office” “Cough” and “Other”.   But you get the idea.  It’s one bag with one or two of many different things to keep you well prepared when you’re on the go.

Not every bag contains identical items, but they all contain a variety of things that you probably had not even thought of.  There are bags of several styles, themes and price ranges.  When purchasing one for yourself, consider grabbing an extra to keep on hand as a gift.  As you can see from the photo, mine arrived beautifully wrapped.  It would be perfect for a new bride or mom, a student heading off to college, someone who travels a lot or even a coworker.  If you decide this is your kind of gift, BagsInABag has a frequent flyer program where you receive a free bag after purchasing a certain number.

For the record, the BagsInABag product wasn’t the result of a baby shower game.  It was the inspiration of Debbie (the bag lady) who was compulsively adding stuff to her own purse.  In the same way that the bag is filled with small amounts of stuff, the story is filled with its own little tidbits.  The bags are assembled by C.H.I. Center, a handicapped development program and a portion of the profits from each bag are tithed to Brendan Sail Training Program for Youths with Learning Differences.

Honestly, you may say to yourself, “I can just make that myself.” What makes this unique is that all the samples are individually packaged like you would find in a first aid kit. Everything from the pain killers to the toothpicks are wrapped separately so they remain sterile while also being portable.  If you purchased all these individual packets at your local discount store, it would probably surpass the price of ordering one from BagsInABag. Sure, you can skimp and not add all the same items, but that’s what makes BagsInABag special… it contains all those extra items that you wouldn’t think to carry around.

3 thoughts on “Feels Like a Clown Car

  1. I have one and bought them for all of my kids teachers as gifts this past year. They all loved them!
    Can't live with out my BaginaBag!!!

  2. BagsInABag is an inspiration. It is so hard to stay organized and this helps me every day. Traveling this summer I forgot my tweezers, and after reading this article, it reminded me I have some in my BagsInABag. Hooray. Saves me a trip to the drugstore to buy something I have plenty of at home. Thanks Debbie for your creativity and pulling it off in a cool way!

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