We recently returned from visiting my mother-in-law. Despite the fact that she’s my MIL, I still love spending time with her. She’s great with the girls and is always so helpful. As a bonus, she always makes a point of stocking the fridge, pantry and bathroom with our favorite products.  Since starting my blog, she kind of has an insider view of some products I have come to love.

It was kind of ironic, however, because during the trip I had the opportunity to sign up for the All Small and Mighty campaign. It was convenient too because during a prior visit, All Small and Mighty was a topic of conversation for us. And wouldn’t you know, there in her laundry cabinet was exactly what I would be reviewing.

Although she is the master of removing difficult stains, we don’t always spend our time sitting around talking about laundry detergent.  She’s small in stature and was starting to get frustrated with the migration that detergents were making to those super-sized bottles.  Reaching the cabinet above her washer is a stretch but when you’re grabbing for a giant bottle it’s even worse.  That is assuming that the bottle even fits.  Well, she found All Small and Mighty and said it’s 3x the detergent strength with a small bottle good for 32 loads.  She likes the product but also loves the size.  During that prior visit, we happened across it on sale at Sam’s Club and she bought enough bottles to last her for at least a year – if not more.  She likes it that much.  As a person who likes to be the first to try new stuff out, this was a demonstration of how I, too, am influenced by someone else in the word-of-mouth experience.

Having tried it, I agree with her – It is a great product.  It’s effective for our family and doesn’t cause skin irritation as some brands do.  Because I’m frugal, I purchase a few different laundry detergents depending on which is on sale.  However, I typically stick to the same few; All Small and Mighty is on that select list.

When I returned from vacation, one of the super-sized bottles that is good for 96 loads was waiting for me. Unlike the small size my MIL fell for, the 96 load bottle is a bit bulky bottle.  Since it’s a 3x concentrate, at least it’s not as cumbersome as some of the competition.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it since it’s a product I sincerely like and would buy anyhow.  But given the choice, I would stick with the smaller, more manageable size and couple it with coupons.

Think you would like to try it? MomSelect sent along two extra coupons good for One Free All Small and Mighty 3x Concentrate (coupon value up to $6.50).  Here’s your opportunity:

The Prize: Coupon for One Free All Small and Might laundry detergent (2 winners!)

Participants –
…must provide an email in the first comment, email me directly with an email address or have email accessible from their profile. Winner has 72 hours from posting/notification to respond. If winner cannot be contacted, I will move on to the second random selection.

Sometime on July 10, 2009, two winners will be chosen at random (using random.org) from all valid comments left.
How to enter: (CONTEST CLOSED)

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