They Served Breakfast For Lunch

They Served Breakfast For Lunch


My girls were so excited about the lunch menu today.  They’ve been telling me for a few days that “It’s breakfast for lunch, Mom!”  Seriously.  Today’s school lunch menu was French toast, syrup, turkey sausage, juice and a banana.  Previewing the September lunch menu, I see a similar ‘breakfast for lunch’ day with pancakes, syrup, turkey sausage, juice, strawberries and bananas.  When the girls got home from school, I asked them how lunch was and it was a resounding “Delicious!”As silly as it sounds, it’s actually more nutritious than some of the stuff I pack in their lunches.  I’m cautious about what I pack, trying to provide a mix of healthy with the occasional brownie.  Which makes me second guess something that happened a few weeks ago…

I received a package of Honey Kix cereal to try out.  We decided to enjoy Honey Kix for breakfast one day and Miss K said she really liked it.  In the meantime, she was quite inquisitive about the other items that came along with it.  The kit (shown below) contained a travel bowl with built in spoon and a freeze-ahead module for keeping the milk cold.  She asked what it was for and I explained that it’s for taking cereal with you when you go somewhere.  Well, Miss M and Miss K decided that they did, indeed, want to take along some cereal.  For lunch.  In their lunchbox.  Instead of a sandwich.  I hemmed and hawed and said it’s more for when you’re traveling.But they were persistent.  And it got me thinking.  Milk is good for them and cereal, like Honey Kix, is whole grain.  If I pack some grapes or a banana with it – or maybe a piece of ham for protein – then what do I have to lose?  If they are excited about it and willing to eat it, that’s the important part.

The Prize: Honey Kix Prize Pack (includes a coupon for a free box of cereal, a honey jar, a set of colorful cereal bowls, a container to take your cereal and milk on-the-go, and a great container to keep cereal fresh at home.)

Participants -…must provide an email in the first comment, email me directly with an email address or have email accessible from their profile. Winner has 72 hours from posting/notification to respond. If winner cannot be contacted, I will move on to the second random selection.

Sometime on September 8, 2009, a winner will be chosen at random (using from all valid comments left.

How to enter: (CONTEST CLOSED)

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25 comments on «They Served Breakfast For Lunch»

  1. Nancy says:

    1. We like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
    2. If my child was OK with having a lunch that was a bit different than everyone else, I'd send cereal for lunch. You could try it at least once and see! Who knows, you might start a new trend! You might want to send a hard-boiled egg or some low-fat cheese for some extra protein. Let us know how it goes!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Nancy says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  3. FunkyFrum says:

    my kids live on kix. and we eat it a lot for dinner.

  4. Kristie says:

    We love Honey Nut Cheerios here!

    My little ones are still young for school, but I think I would send cereal with them for a snack.

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  5. Kristie says:

    I'm a follower through blogger.

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  6. Kristie says:

    Your button is in my sidebar.

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  7. amanda says:

    Cinnamon toast crunch is my personal favorite. If my kid wanted cereal for lunch, why not?
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  8. amanda says:

    email subscriber
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  9. amanda says:

    blog follower
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  10. spitfyr323 says:

    My favorite General Mills cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios – a classic! I have been known to have fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers for breakfast, so why wouldn't I send my child to school with cereal for lunch if that's what he wanted?

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  11. spitfyr323 says:

    I'm an e-mail subscriber.

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  12. amweeks says:

    My son's favorite is Lucky Charms (yes, because of those marshmallows!), and my daughter's favorite has always been Cheerios! Started feeding them to her as a snack back when she was a toddler…and she's never stopped!

  13. amweeks says:

    I subscribe! (And I forgot to say in my 1st response that I never thought of sending cereal in for lunch…but I don't see why not…)

  14. amweeks says:

    I follow! (amweeks)

  15. Staci says:

    Cheerios are our fave! I send cereal with my little one for lunch because he's such a picky eater that it's tough to come up with different meals he'll eat there. I also mix cereal into a trail mix and send that.

  16. Staci says:

    I follow through Google.

  17. Staci says:

    I Dugg the post-MommaStaciA

  18. Rachel says:

    Thanks for offering this contest. Hope we win.
    my kids loves kix and cheerios
    Cha Ching Queen

  19. Rachel says:

    We definitely love cheerios. That was one of my son's first words! He is 19 months and always asks for cheerios for breakfast.

  20. Shelley says:

    We like Cinnamon Toast Crunch(reduced sugar) & Honey Nut Cheerios. I would consider sending cereal w/ fruit & cheese for lunch. The kids would get a kick out of that. Thanks!

  21. Linda says:

    Cheerios is a favorite of everyone in our house and I would send cereal to school for lunch with my son.

  22. My daughter's favorite cereal is Cheerios. Honey Kix is a very close second. We have it in our pantry much of the time.

    We are homeschoolers, so I think I can safely say that we certainly would have cereal for lunch. When she attended school outside the home, I regularly sent cereal for a snack.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  23. Our favourite cereal has always been Cheerios! We love to top it with fresh fruit or berries, and it's the perfect start to the day. I might send cereal for lunch- I did it when I was a kid! A bit messy, but YUM!
    My email is
    Good luck to everyone!

  24. Jaime says:

    We love Total
    copperllama at yahoo dot com

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