What’s on your menu for the day? Let me guess… Mexican food.  I love Mexican food but I’m not much of a crowd person and today, they’ll all be crowded. People will be flocking to Mexican restaurants because it’s Cinco de Mayo.But it’s not the only option for lunch. If you’re feeling like celebrating a food holiday but are looking for something a little less chaotic, consider the local ‘sub’ shop. You can get yourself a good ole American Hoagie sandwich and celebrate “National Hoagie Day.”

I honestly didn’t even know about it until one of my PR firms contacted me regarding Charley’s Grilled Subs. They offered to send me some coupons to celebrate National Hoagie Day.  Miss K had a field trip for school today and I’ll be chaperoning so I am not going to be able to partake in any of the festivities.

It isn’t like I’m unfamiliar with Charley’s though.  There is a Charley’s at our local mall and I love their food. When I eat there, I typically order their Philly Cheesesteak and sometimes send my taste buds into overdrive with their gourmet fries.  Although I can’t make it there today, I’ll be at the mall soon enough now that the car shows are back underway. (Our mall is one of the hot spots for car cruise-ins.)  I’ll be sure to carry my coupons next time and enjoy one of Charley’s Grilled Subs!

If you’re looking for an alternative to Cinco de Mayo food, either find a Charley’s near you or stop by your other favorite Hoagie restaurant!  And next year, remember that Cinco de Mayo translates to “National Hoagie Day!”

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