When the school lunch calendar comes out each month, DH sits down with Miss M and they decide which lunches she would enjoy.  They mark them on the calendar then all the others are cold lunches.  For the longest time, Miss M would pick which drink box she wanted to pack in her lunchbox.  Although she had a few choices of flavor, I only let her have 100% juice ones.  But a few weeks ago, she started telling me no juice box.  She wanted to buy milk.  She told me that her friend, Sam, always has milk.  I shrugged it off and figured that milk is a good option so I’m okay with that.  Milk it is.  I guess the reason doesn’t matter to me as long as she’s getting something healthy.

Miss M is my oldest and just started kindergarten this year so I’m still learning all the ropes.  When I volunteered in the classroom the other day just before lunch, I got a glimpse of how they prepare and line up for lunch.  Kids with cold lunch and drink line up first, kids with cold lunch and no drink (buying milk) line up next and hot lunch kids line up last.  That’s the order that they enter the lunchroom and that’s the order they sit at the tables.  That’s when I realized that Miss M didn’t want milk because she likes it (which she does) but because it is the only way she is able to sit next to her best friend.

Then last week, we received a sample of Sensible Sippers from R.W. Knudsen Family.  They carry the USDA “Organic” label, have 40% less calories than regular apple juice and have no added sugar.  We received samples of the Fruit Punch and the Apple.  (Also available in Mixed Berry and Banana).  At snack time, I asked the girls if they wanted a new juice box with their apple and they both jumped at the chance.  Miss M picked apple juice while Miss K chose the fruit punch flavor.

When they were distracted by their apples (and my camera), I stole a sip of each and was surprised that it tasted like regular juice considering that they are 50% organic juice and 50% water to reduce the sugar.  Both girls finished off their snacks and told me they really liked it

But the true selling point was the following day when it came time to pack Miss M’s lunch.  When I said “Are you having milk today or do you want the new juice?” she responded “The new juice.”

Apparently Sensible Sippers are better than a girl’s best friend.

See if they are available in your area then print a coupon and pick these up on your next trip to the store.

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