I consider myself to be pretty technologically savvy – or at least not fearful or intimidated by them. They’re always on the list of things we want around here and I embrace advancements – nothing bad can come from electronics. Except for one thing. Monitors and TV screens scare me. When they are dirty, I don’t want to clean them because I don’t want to scratch or ruin them. Or use the wrong product and damage them. They’re expensive and I just don’t want to touch them. So if there is dust building up on the screens (or heaven forbid, fingerprints), I holler for hubby. He always said “Just use this and don’t use that.” But I always worry. Silly, I know.

With DH out of town and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I needed to just suck it up and clean. Thanks to a review opportunity from the Family Review Network, I had a chance to test out several cleaners from Weiman Products. Among them, the Weiman E-tronic Wipes. I read the can and it said “Anti-Static – Amonia Free Electronic Wipes” and “Safely Cleans plasma/LCD TVs/monitors…” Well, that makes me feel a little better. At least if I ruin it, I can blame the can. So I walked around and cleaned the TVs, the monitors and other electronics – without freaking out. And I didn’t ruin anything. Thanks, Weiman e-tronic wipes!

One of the other products I tested out was Weiman Cook Top Glass Cook Top Cleaner. While I found the end product to be similar to the brand I was previously using, I did notice that it was not quite as gritty. I would venture to guess that would explain why they claim “guaranteed not to scratch.”

But I think of all the products I tried, the one I liked the most was the can of Weiman Furniture Wipes. I don’t have anything against spray cleaners – actually I like being able to spray the furniture polish and wipe. It makes me feel like a kid… don’t know why, but that’s kind of fun. However one piece of furniture is difficult to get dust-free unless I use a Q-tip. And since I don’t like to clean, that’s not something I do very often. The spokes of our wagon-wheel table are just impossible with furniture spray and cloth. I figured I would try the Weiman Furniture Wipes specifically on the wagon-wheel table. The wipes are thin enough to easily get into the tight spaces on that table. I turned around and was able to get those tiny ledges around the glass on my curio cabinet. These wipes are great for detail work!

The products I tested were wonderful and will make a great addition to my cleaning supplies. Maybe you could use them too!

The Prize

Holiday Cleaning Pack from Libman and Weiman Products (approx value $100). Gift pack includes: Wright’s Silver Cream, Perfect Planet Floor Cleaner, Weiman Furniture Wipes, Weiman Granite Wipes, Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes, Wonder Mop and WonderFiber Cloth.

Participants –
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Sometime on December 6, 2008, a winner will be chosen at random (using random.org) from all comments left. Winner will be posted on PRIZEYWinners.

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