More from Weiman Products – and a Winner

As I mentioned in my previous review, I had the wonderful opportunity to test out some cleaning supplies for Weiman Products. As much as I hate cleaning, it’s much more tolerable when it is easy.Along with the products that I reviewed before, I also received the Weiman Cook Top Wipes and the Perfect Planet Floor Cleaner. As the name implies, Weiman Cook Top Wipes are for cleaning… uhhh, the cook top. What the name doesn’t imply is that it’s great for any glass surface. Actually, other surfaces too. You know when you cook SpaghettiO’s in the microwave and it splatters everywhere? Cook Top wipes work. Bacon splatters on the cook top and surrounding area? Yup…Cook Top wipes. Fingerprints on the sliding glass door? Yes, that too. I actually used mine to clean the glass on the same table that I used the Weiman furniture wipes on. (Check out my previous Weiman review for the picture.) I was surprised that the container claims the Cook Top Quick Wipes are safe for even more… “Weiman Cook Top Wipes are excellent for cleaning and leave a streak free shine on other kitchen surfaces such as Formica Brand, Corian Brand, ceramic tile, chrome & granite.” And the pictures on the container show mirrors and porcelain sinks, refrigerators and patio furniture alongside gas ranges and microwaves. Essentially, these wipes should just be called “Quick Wipes” because they are pretty versatile!

I also used my Libman Wonder Mop and Weiman’s Perfect Planet Squeeze and Clean Floor Cleaner. Instead of using a traditional bucket with a diluted ammonia formula, this is literally as the bottle indicates – “squeeze & shine”. It was extremely quick and easy to squirt it on the area that needed to be mopped. I did have a tendency to lose track of where I left off when I went to ring out the mop in my bucket of water, so for me this product will be best used in small areas or for spot shining… oh say… under the kids’ chairs. Perfect Planet cleaners are environmentally friendly so they are great for people trying to think green. The only complaint I had with this product is that it left a tacky feel the following day after it had dried. Other than that, it worked like a charm!

Now for the contest winner:

Congratulations to *Marie* for being the lucky random comment of the Holiday Cleaning Package at SAHM Reviews! *Marie* said “From Libman I’ll take the Swivel Dust Mop, and from Weiman I’ll take the glass cleaner.”

*Marie* needs to contact me per the contest rules. *Marie* has 72 hours to claim her prize or Charlotte (Life’s a Charm!) is going to be a very happy runner-up!

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