The school had their local book sale recently during parent/teacher conferences and each of our girls were allowed to pick a book. Miss K, who is all things Barbie, headed straight for the selection of Barbie books. I giggled when she grabbed the book “Barbie and the Diamond Castle” because I had just received the movie to review. Yes, I let her get it but I made sure we read the book before watching the movie because I knew the movie would expand on the short story in the book.

A day or so later, I pulled out the movie and showed it to them. Miss K immediately yelled “Mom! That’s Connective!”

Me (baffled): Connective? “Honey, you mean connected?”

Miss K: “No. Connective! You know… connective.”

Me (still baffled): “Collective?” Yes, I am a Star Trek fan and yes, I thought of the Borg.

Miss K (now frustrated): “Noooh Mooomm. Connective.”

As I recall, DH had about the same conversation with her at another point in time.

When it finally came time to watch the movie, the girls were very excited. They created a movie theater bench out of their plastic chairs, complete with pillow for cushioning. Then sat mesmerized as they watched the movie. When the song “Connected” came on, Miss K yelled “See Mom! Connective!” Oohhh. 4 year old translation issues on my part.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle DVD is now available! See what our girls though of it! - SahmReviews.com

The next day, while the kids were watching one of their shows, I heard the commercial come on advertising the release of the DVD – a snip-it of “Connected” plays during it. I realized that Miss K had been seeing the commercial and related the song to the picture of the DVD shown. That explained why she didn’t have the same reaction when she purchased the book. Ah, the power of commercial advertising. I can’t blame her though, it is a catchy tune.

As for the movie itself – The two main characters are best friends and go on an adventure to help find the Diamond Castle that has been hidden to keep it out of the hands of the evil villain. Sometimes kids shows have a very subtle message or no message at all, but “Barbie and the Diamond Castle” was a great story with depth and great characters – both good and evil. The book gave a good outline but the movie really brought it all together.

“Barbie and the Diamond Castle” is a fun movie with a full line of supporting toys, including the themed Barbies, Diamond Castle Playset, Glimmer the “Flying” Horse, Sparkle Pets, Little Learner Laptop and even party supplies. The DVD would make a great Christmas gift for any Barbie or princess fan on your list and the related toys would help carry the movie into their regular imaginary play. Santa won’t run out of ideas when working on that list.

My girls loved watching it and we all enjoyed listening to fun music throughout. I want to say thanks for this very sweet movie and the opportunity to share it with my kids!

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  1. Love your website and I have to say I have come over and checked it out a couple times. CUTE girls too!

    Can I say wowsa that you commented on my Steals and Deals?!

    Thanks for stopping by! By the way we are having a HUGE giveaway with this movie theme on our 12 days of Christmas celebration coming up!

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