Posts have been kind of scare lately, I know. It isn’t for lack of stuff to review or giveaway; it’s just that we were away on vacation. Nothing fancy, just a trip to see my mother-in-law. It was a rewarding trip though because we spent a lot of quality time outside with bubbles, swimming or going to the local water park. I didn’t think it would be a big deal that I forgot my shampoo; I would find something.
We stopped by a Dollar Tree to pick up some toys for the kids when I spotted a recognizable-name discount shampoo version of a high-end shampoo. I grabbed it and gave it a shot figuring it would be just fine.
You see, all throughout college, I used Paul Mitchell products and swore by them. After I got married and we needed to watch our spending, I stopped using it. A few years ago, I happened across Suave Professionals with a banner “as well as Paul Mitchell…” so I gave it a shot. You know what, it worked great. So when I saw the discount shampoo (not Suave) at the Dollar Tree attempting the same feat, I bought it.
I don’t know if it was the shampoo or just the fact that I had thrashed my hair with daily bouts of chlorine and sunshine, but it didn’t work. I made due for the rest of vacation, but had resigned myself to the fact that my hair was just not going to look good on vacation.
When I arrived home, I had a package waiting for me – compliments of Mom Central. It was absolute fate because the box contained various products from Suave’s “Professionals” line of products. I haven’t been able to find the “compares to Paul Mitchell” variety, but I have previously tried others. Thanks to this package, I’ve widened my exposure and found a few other of the Professional lines that work well for me.

Since I was so frustrated with my current hair condition, I gladly tested out the “Controls Frizz and Defines Curls as well as Matrix” shampoo and conditioner. While sitting on the floor playing a game with Miss M, she asked “Mom, Can I feel your hair?” Honestly, that is the only time she has ever asked to touch my hair. I don’t know if it looked that much better than normal or if it looked better than the sun and chlorine damaged mess. Doesn’t matter, I was happy.

The Professionals line contains shampoo, conditioner and styling products that “protects” “restores shine” “Holds” and “Smoothes” compared to a variety of brand name products like Biolage, Sebastian, Matrix, Redken Fresh Curls and John Frieda. (All of those are registered trademarks, by the way.)

What I didn’t realize is how much I had become accustomed to Suave products.  After receiving my package that also included a sample of Suave deodorant, I started noticing how much Suave I use. 

The deodorant I already was using – Suave.
The shampoo I use for the kids – Suave for Kids.
The shampoo I bought for DH – Suave for Men.
The body wash that I tried while on vacation and loved – Suave.
That’s in addition to the Suave Professionals that I was already familiar with.  What I didn’t know is that one of the lines of Professional has a leave-in conditioner.  Something that I have used as part of my daily hair care since those college days. What I’ve discovered is that I love Suave products! A great combination of quality and price.

My hair would like to thank Mom Central and Suave for letting me participate in this very timely review.

Here are some Summer Hair Care Tips presented by Suave:
Shine Through Summer – Chlorine from the pool can quickly turn hair dry and dull. Look for hair products specially-designed to infuse shine. Also, blow dry hair from roots to ends, making sure you do not ruffle your hair. By doing this, you’ll keep the cuticle of your hair lying flat, thus reflect more light, and producing more shine.
How to get the Shine: Suave Vibrant Shine Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with silk amino acids to restore shine and luster to dull hair for bright, shimmering strands.

Don’t Let Your Hair Fall when Temps Rise! – Hot summer weather and humidity can cause your hair to lose its shape. Apply a little mousse to damp hair to add body and help control your style. For added fullness, flip your head over and blow dry the roots. When you flip your head upright, your hair will be at maximum volume.
How to get the Shape: Suave Professionals Extra Hold Mousse helps to lock in style for all-day hold and is great for hair that needs body and control.

Hold That Look – Heat and humidity can be tough to battle, and here’s where the right hairspray comes to the rescue. To keep a soft, full, long lasting look, use an extra hold hairspray and keep the can 8-10 inches away from your head while spraying all over. This allows the fine mist of spray to penetrate the roots and hold the hair in place.

How to get the Hold: Suave Professionals Extra Hold Hairspray helps to lock in style for all-day hold and helps to control fly-aways.

Make Summer Styling Smooth Sailing – Frizzies and fly-aways suddenly appear during the summer months with humidity at an all-time high. Achieving frizz-free hair starts in the shower with a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to fight frizz. When blow drying hair, again be sure to blow dry from roots to ends to smooth the cuticle.
How to get rid of Frizz: Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner moisturizes and smoothes curly, frizzy or dry hair leaving it looking salon-smooth and healthy.
Fight the Fade – Have color-treated hair? Lock in your color and keep hair healthy during the summer by protecting your hair with products designed to fight the elements, such as color-protecting shampoos, waterproof gels, and UV protectors.
How to fight the Fade: Suave Professionals Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner has a gentle formula that nourishes and defends hair against harsh environmental elements and helps protect color from fading.
Price/Availability: $1.92 – 2.49 at drugstores, mass merchandisers, and supermarkets nationwide

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