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Miss M and Miss K got up and dressed this past weekend. Picked out their own clothes and were ready to start the day….until I saw them…

Their pants were so short, they looked like capri pants. I absolutely couldn’t believe it. Fine, kids grow, but I’ve been sorting and removing clothes out of their drawers for about a month and these recently fit. I swear! Did they have a growth spurt overnight?!

Yeah, kids grow. And they grow fast. Everyone told me when they were born “Enjoy them because they’ll be getting married before you know it.” I laughed but they’re right. The other day, DH even said “Do you realize that (Miss M) is over halfway to being a teenager?”


It’s cool to see them developing a sense of individuality. Not only in their clothes, but other things they do. Toys, sports, friends and even food. I’ve mentioned before that my kids have graduated to Suave bath products. The products work great and provide a nice stepping stone between baby and adult products. Thanks to a variety of scents, my girls have choices in what their hair and skin smell like, too. It’s funny to see how their personalities come out just from the fragrance they select. Suave’s new campaign “Wash them Grow” sums it up well.

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2 thoughts on “They Grow Up So Fast

  1. Nicole…my son who is 12 grew over 4 inches in the past 5 months and has passed me up (which isnt saying much since I am only 5' 2'') and it is so hard for me to have to look UP to my "little" boy! SIGH…sigh…sigh… I am so lucky to have 6 kids, but having these last two "little ones" growing up so fast is SO bittersweet…
    My youngest daughter is 10,

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