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When I posted my opinion of Enchanted back in April, I had no idea who the actress was playing Nancy Tremaine.  But I’ve been learning!  Check it out…

I gave you a teaser a few weeks ago and here it is!  I’m very excited to announce that I’m participating in a giveaway for Idina Menzel sponsored by One2One Network.
The Prize
Idina Menzel I Stand Album and Idina Menzel tote – valued at $29.99

Participants –
… must be able to provide a United States mailing address.
… must provide an email in the first comment or have email accessible from their profile (or participate in the prizey winners program). If winners cannot be contacted immediately upon drawing, I will move on to the next random selection.
On August 30th, TWO winners will be chosen at random (using from all comments left. I’m new to PRIZEYWinners, but I’ll be attempting to submit the winners to it!

How to enter:
For the first entry –
(1) Check out the I Stand lyrics on Idina Menzel’s Website.
(2) Select a line from the lyrics, come back here and post a comment related to that statement. For example, if you select the line “I live for the perfect day”, talk about what your perfect day would be. Irrelevant comments may be disqualified.
For additional entries –
(a) Add my button or URL to your sidebar. Come back here and leave TWO additional comment stating that you did so.
(b) Add the Idina Menzel widget to your blog. Come back here and leave an additional comment stating that you did so.
(c) Publish a post regarding this contest and link back to it. Come back here and leave a comment providing the link to your post.

I want to thank One2One Network for making this giveaway possible and providing a network discount!  Be sure to enter discount code TEAM IDINA to get 10% off (excluding her CD) at Idina Menzel’s Merchant Store.

11 thoughts on “Idina Menzel Giveaway

  1. “The road less traveled”

    I like taking the road less traveled, literally.

    I would rather take the back roads instead of the interstates and toll roads. More scenery, less noise and traffic, and more chances to find something new and unusual such as a little gift shop, local restaurant, or country store.

    Nyssa AT concentric DOT net

  2. “When you asked me, who I am. What is my vision, do I have a plan?”

    I’m asking myself the same questions right now in my life. I’m a Junior in high school, but I still don’t know what I want to do later on in my life. I have no plan right now, no main colleges I want to go to or careers I might want to persue. Hopefully after this year I can figure this out, and finally create a plan for

  3. The line that appeals to me is ~ I believe there is a better place. With all of the misery that living things go through on this earth, there has to be a better place after this life. Sometimes, I think our lives on earth are like a learning place for us. We learn whatever lessons we were put here to learn and then pass to another realm. Thanks, Cindi

  4. i know this is more than one line, but it all connects and i can definitly relate

    “Where is my strength
    Have I nothing to say
    I hear the words in my head
    But I push them away”

    what these lines mean to me is that one has so much on their mind, so many things they want to say, but are afraid to open up and say what they really want to say. Somethingis on the tip of

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