In early July, I attended events to celebrate my 20th high school reunion. On the first night, there was a casual get-together held at a pub where everyone spent the evening getting reaquainted with each other. I had varying versions of the same conversation several times throughout the evening, as did pretty much everyone else:
“So what have you been up to?”
“Working. I’m an (insert professional title here). How about you?”
“I used to be an accountant but I stay home with the kids now.”
“How old are they?”
“Here, let me show you a picture.”
While I did see one person carrying around a packet of printed pictures, most of us just whipped out our cell phones to display camera-phone snapshots of the family.  Too bad I didn’t have this photo then!  It sure would have been easier to see.  And cooler.
It came in the mail yesterday from Unique Skins.  As a member of the Family Review Network, I agreed to review the Unique Skins site.  Honestly, I thought my husband would really get a kick out of designing a skin for one of our gaming systems.  When it came down to us trying to figure out what we wanted to order, we decided that custom skins for our previously plain black Razr phones was our best option. 
For the uninitiated, a skin is a non-permanent layer over the top of you gadget.  Think snake(skin). 

When you log onto the Unique Skins site, you choose what type of device you want to add some character to.  You can create a personalized skin for a ton of different models and versions of cell phone, gaming system, laptops, MP3 players or even Bluetooth headsets.

It’s easy, too.  Once you select the device, you move to a drag and drop screen to customize the actual skin.  Upload your own graphics or choose from several stock patterns.  My phone contains a custom graphic on one side and a stock pattern on the opposite. 
Although my husband and I ran into a few glitches while trying to save our selections, it was trivial. I already shot an email off to Unique Skins so they can look into it.  Beyond that, it was a piece of cake and well worth it once I got my new skins in the mail.
We ordered our skins on 8/25/08 and had the finished product in hand on 8/30/08.  And we weren’t charged a huge shipping fee.
Various stages of assembly…

The next time someone asks if I have a picture of my kids, I’ll be able to show them the one on my cell phone.  On my cell phone, as in On the Outside. 

Does it sound like fun? Or cool? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Unique Skins has provided loot for a giveaway. Here’s the scoop:

The Prize(s)
Three Unique Skins Gift Card codes valued at $15 each. (3 Winners)
Participants –
… must provide an email in the first comment or have email accessible from their profile. If winner cannot be contacted immediately upon drawing, I will move on to the second random selection.
On September 10th, three winners will be chosen at random (using from all comments left. I’m new to PRIZEYWinners, but I’ll be attempting to submit the winners to it!

How to enter:
For the first entry –
(1) Check out Unique Skins.
(2) Come back here and post a comment with which device you would like to see skinned.
For additional entries –
(a) Earn three additional entries by adding my button to your sidebar. Come back here and leave a comment stating that you did so. 
(b) Link to Unique Skins. Come back here and leave an additional comment stating that you did so.
(c) Earn three additional entries if you publish a post regarding this contest and link back to it. Come back here and leave a comment providing the link to your post.

PhotobucketThanks again to Family Review Network for coordinating this review and to Unique Skins for providing the prizes for this giveaway!

48 thoughts on “Let Me Show You a Picture

  1. I’d like to wrap up my ipod mini in a skin. I’d like to do my cell phone too but my particular model isn’t made. Does that mean it’s time for me to get a new phone?

  2. Would love one for my MacBook 13″. I’m a little unclear about the differences in the three versions though. Not sure which I’d choose. I’d like the apple cut out and as many skins as possible to protect my baby!

  3. Wow super cool! I would love a skin for my razor phone, and I’m bookmarking this for once I get a laptop, because it would be a super easy way to “personalize” it (instead of me trying to save up for a pink laptop I could just get a wrap how neat!

  4. What a great concept! I would wrap my Nintendo DS (yes, i have my own – I kept playing my kids’ so my hubby got me one for my bday). But after looking around, I realized how inexpensive it was, so I’d definitely also like to do my cell phone! Great giveaway – thanks for offering!

  5. Love the idea of a family picture on my cell phone! A great gift for grandparents to show off their little ones! hint, hint

    ellenbrady [AT] hotmail DOT com

  6. I love these! My husband and I have the same phone — a Razor too — and it’d be nice to tell them apart without having to open them.

    31graphics at gmail dot com

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