Thrift Treasure: Line ‘Em Up Game

Line 'em Up - Hero

It’s always fun to find a board game that has never been uploaded to BoardGameGeek. It doesn’t happen often – maybe a couple times a year. When it does it is exciting. The last one I remember was B-Low. Not only do you get to be the first to upload the information to their site, you get to be the first one to log it to their collection. This alone means the game is somewhat hard to find!

Line 'em Up - Contents of the box

Line ‘Em Up by Are-Jay Game Co. looks to be part of a line of games created for office desks. Something to fiddle with between phone calls or meetings. Much like those golf tee puzzle games you’ll find at Cracker Barrel. Like those, Line ‘Em Up is made from wood and metal and has a simple set of rules.

Line 'em Up - A woman's hand moving one of the pieces on the board.

The object is to keep moving your pieces until all of your color is in one line of five. Each player has only five pieces in total in their color. They are set up on the 5×5 wooden board in an alternating manner as shown.

On your turn you may move any one piece one space in any direction other than diagonal. No jumping is allowed and if occupied, you cannot move into a space. Nor can you move off the edge of the board. Players will take turns moving only one of their pieces at a time.

Line 'em Up - The board showing the finished state after one person wins.

The first player to accomplish the task of lining up five in a row (diagonal is allowed), wins Line ‘Em Up!

While this was the first example of Line ‘Em Up uploaded to BGG, you can still find copies on eBay for reasonable prices. Some are wood, others are plastic Bakelite. For a couple bucks, they’re work trying out!

Have you ever found a thrift game that wasn’t detailed on BoardGameGeek?

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