New Game Release – Maps of Misterra

Maps of Misterra - Contents of Box

Sit Down / Flat River Group released Maps of Misterra, the latest title from the popular Belgian publisher, into US retail last month.

In Maps of Misterra, explore the island, take advantage of the relief and map it. Will you try to remain faithful to the reality or confirm the assumptions – sometimes extravagant – of your sponsor? You play as explorers discovering a mystical and unknown island.

Players will receive hidden objectives, they will play on the common central board AND on their personal board. It’s up to you to score as many points as possible, while preventing your opponents from scoring too many. The box includes a Competitive and Solo mode!

Maps of Misterra is for one to four players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 45 minutes. It retails for $34.95. 

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