Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Flatter Me by Pink Tiger Games

How often do you run into a game that is playable as is, but also encourages you to give the components away to other people? Flatter Me by Pink Tiger Games is a 2-player game of battling compliments. But the cards are designed to be affirmations for others so you could hand them out to spread some joy to others. If party games are more your jam, you can find alternative rules on the Flatter Me game website! We think we have the best readers on the web and are delighted to provide this opportunity for one of you to win a copy of the game!

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – Flatter Me Game

14 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Flatter Me by Pink Tiger Games

  1. I try to make it a point to give at least 3 a day! Even small compliments such as, “I like your earrings,” can make somebody’s day!

  2. Not as often as I should! I’m pretty good about it with my family, but should give more random compliments to colleagues and strangers.

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