Holiday Giveaways 2023 – No Context by Skybound Tabletop

You may not be familiar with the name of the sponsor (Skybound) of this game giveaway, but we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with some of their other works. You may have heard of Invincible. Season 2 just dropped on Amazon. And perhaps Impact Winter as it’s really getting some traction. If you’re on the fringe with those, I’m guessing The Walking Dead will likely right a bell. The entertainment powerhouse behind those brands also creates tabletop games like today’s prize, No Context. We featured it in our guide to family games and will have a few of the their other titles sprinkled in some other gift guides. Keep watch for those as they go live, but in the meantime you should enter to win this game! Entering is easy… use the form below:

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – No Context Game

12 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – No Context by Skybound Tabletop

  1. When I was visiting Prague with 2 friends, we didn’t speak the language. One friend ordered a salad and it was huge, so we asked for another 2 plates. But the waitress misunderstood and brought out 2 more salads!

  2. I would say probably people hearing me talk about some of the things that happen at work (i’m a psychiatrist) – the situations can sound pretty ridiculous without knowing what I do!

  3. My mother lived in Perris, CA. When people ask where your parents live and you say Paris, they think you are French so I learned to explain it before they asked if I was French which was kind of funny because It happened a lot. The sad part is that I’m at an age where people now ask “are your parents still alive”.

  4. I was frantic and so very embarrassed when my neighbor across the street escorted my dog Roxie back to me early one morning after he found her swimming in his pool! I felt like such a neglectful dog mom not being able to locate my sweet 12 y/o girl, but my husband did not close the front door all the way and Roxie walked out of the house while I was still asleep in the bedroom!

  5. Without the context of tone or facial expressions, people often misinterpret emails at work, which can cause issues with people getting paid!

    Using precise wording and providing context helps a lot.

  6. I have profound hearing loss in one ear-the other is fine. However, sometimes what I hear is NOT always what the person has being orated. This has led to many mishaps, laughs,and yes situations going “comically awry!”

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