Holiday Giveaways 2022 – $50 Gift Card / Credit from

OMG, did you see the Igor Euri Raincoat we included in our recent gift guide filled with gifts for the family? It’s stinkin’ adorable! Our daughters are grown and in college now, but we still have the joy of shopping for little people things for our young niece. has a lot of cute products, the raincoat being just one of them.

I could spend all day looking at stuff on their site, but I have things to do. The most important item on my list is letting all of you know that has been extremely generous and has offered a $50 certificate for one of our readers. Squeeeee! If you find yourself looking for gifts for young kids, be sure to enter this giveaway!

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – $50 Gift Certificate

20 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – $50 Gift Card / Credit from

  1. The OLD SOLES GIRL’S TEA SHOE NAVY LEATHER T-STRAP BUCKLE MARY JANE SHOE is adorable. Reminds me of the shoes I dressed my daughter in!

  2. I spent the last 30 minutes looking for toddler shoes and everything I might actually buy is sold out or way out of my price range. If I won the gift card I would get the TOP RACE 2 IN 1 RC TRUCK.

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