Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Brilliant or BS? Game by Brilliant or BS

Scott reads a lot and regularly shares random facts with me. Sometimes it’s about science or news and other times just miscellaneous whatnot. Maybe it’s because I’m extremely gullible, but I generally tend to believe him. Often, however, he’s just throwing out nonsense that he’s made up because, well, it’s entertainment. Brilliant or BS is a party game along those same lines. It’s all about who is smart and who is faking their way through!

The team behind Brilliant or BS are providing a copy for this giveaway… and that’s NO BS! As always, we’ve provided a lot of different ways to earn entries. But this time we threw in a unique daily option that piggybacks on the entry for people to make a comment. We’re encouraging people to leave comments that are either random facts or total BS… and you can earn entries by replying to their comments! Have fun!

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – Brilliant or BS? Game

83 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Brilliant or BS? Game by Brilliant or BS

    1. True, actually! Lucas later used this idea for Willow after removing it from Luke’s character (back when he was Luke Starkiller).

  1. When kicking the Uruk Hai helmet in The Two Towers, Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) actually broke a toe. That cry of pain? Real, albeit physical pain rather than emotional.

    1. I’m going with false. I just told my cat that she is beautiful and I’m pretty sure she is blushing under her fur.

  2. When filming the scene in The Fellowship of the Ring where Frodo is pushing the boat out into the water, Elijah Wood stepped on a large shard of glass that impaled his foot. They had to film him from the waist up for the next couple weeks.

  3. Before they rewrote the scene to feature a giant troll, the climactic battle at the Black Gate in Return of the King had Aragorn fighting Sauron in his incarnate form. They actually shot it, but ended up reusing most of the footage for the troll fight after they thought better of the sequence.

  4. The reason It’s A Wonderful Life became a beloved classic instead of the flop it was initially is that someone forgot to renew the copyright, meaning stations could show it for free.

  5. Before making the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the plan was to make a TV Series. When they changed the plan, it became the initial movie; other scripts became episodes of TNG.

    1. This was true, actually. You can see some of the similarities in TNG and TMP. William Decker and Illia would have survived the pilot (which became TMP) and filled the roles later filled by Riker and Troi when those scripts got redone as TNG episodes.

  6. BS
    IDK if it’s your intention for this question to be answered day after day or just once. Please make your instructions more clear. Thank you

  7. The inventor of synthetic insulin refused to patent it so it would always stay affordable for diabetics like me.

  8. In the original plan, Luke’s sister was going to be a separate character introduced in Return Of The Jedi. It was wisely decided that they didn’t have time to introduce a new character, but this left several awkward kisses that are now way more disturbing than intended…..

  9. Will Smith is very protective of his likeness, to the point of issuing cease-and-desist orders when a game based a character on Agent Jay from MiB.

    1. This is actually true! And not only that, he showed up at the station 9/12/2001 and helped out with the rescue efforts. Not a publicity stunt, and he refuses to talk about it. Goofy looking guy, but probably the biggest hero in Hollywood…..

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