Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Cartographers Heroes by Thunderworks Games

There are some words you don’t hear used very often any more. One of the joys of playing games is that you are reintroduced to concepts, history and people who we may not have remembered. Cartographers is one of those topics and the game by that name was well received in the gaming community. Cartographer Heroes is the latest release in the series and it’s included in the guide to party games we published this morning. This compact game can accommodate large (or small) groups so it’s a great game to have on hand. Grab a copy in advance of the holidays and take it to family and work gatherings with you! We’re also pleased that Thunderworks Games has offered an extra copy for one of our readers. Use the form below to enter the giveaway! Return here daily for additional entries and to check out what other giveaways we’re running as part of the holiday promotion!

Holiday Giveaway 2021 – Cartographers Heroes Game

40 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Cartographers Heroes by Thunderworks Games

  1. Hues and Cues looks great. Would it work with partially color blind player? He struggles with blue, green, purple, grey, and lime colors.

    1. He should be just fine. The game isn’t about identifying colors of objects, it is about matching up color perceptions. Even those of us with “perfect” color vision see color differently. You’ll be surprised how well he does as people with color deficiencies seem to be MORE sensitive to minor color variations!

  2. I would take it to my church game night and get at least 4 people there to play this one but we usually have a large group and more of them might be interested in playing too.

  3. hopefully 4, maybe 3. One of our usual gamers has a child under 5, so can’t get vaccinated yet, so he’s not mixing socially, even with the vaccinated.

  4. My only dedicated gaming group is my partner, but I’d sure love to get some other family more into some modern board games! I’d be happy if my 4 siblings could join.

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