Cup-A-Cup Family Game Overview

Cup-A-Cup Family Game Overview


Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was play a game of Spoons with a large group sitting around our cable spool coffee table. It was such a simple game and we could play it with a deck of cards and spoons from the kitchen. Not only was the simplicity of it appealing, but it was such a rush to sneak a spoon from the center without anyone noticing. It’s a good thing that everyone was always too busy trying to get their own match to look at me during that because even back then I didn’t have much of a poker face.

Deductive thinking and fast reflexes are helpful when playing Cup-A-Cup family game from R&R Games. -

As we gathered around to play Cup-A-Cup from R&R Games, these memories came flooding back. While the games are nothing alike, there’s a lot of similarity in the resulting adrenaline rush. Setup is as simple, too. Open the box and place all the cups on the table. Give the dice to one player and you’re ready to go. There isn’t a lot to Cup-A-Cup, but that’s part of what makes it fun. It’s quick to set up, super easy to teach and just as easy to put away after you’re done.

Deductive thinking and fast reflexes are helpful when playing Cup-A-Cup family game from R&R Games. -

There are nine cups, each displaying a different color (red, blue, yellow) and shape (square, circle, triangle). Likewise, the identical dice include a mixture of two of each color and shape.

Deductive thinking and fast reflexes are helpful when playing Cup-A-Cup family game from R&R Games. -

The active player rolls the dice and everyone simultaneously examines the results. Cup-A-Cup is a speed game that requires you to evaluate the dice and grab the cup that completes the trio.

Deductive thinking and fast reflexes are helpful when playing Cup-A-Cup family game from R&R Games. -

As an example, if two blue shapes show on the dice, you need to figure out which blue shape is missing and race to grab that cup. Same holds true for matching colors. But it goes a step further. If a red triangle and blue square are the results, you’ll grab the yellow circle.

Deductive thinking and fast reflexes are helpful when playing Cup-A-Cup family game from R&R Games. -

The player who grabs the cup places it in front of them within reach of all other players and is the new active player. When the dice are rolled again, the other players may steal the cup from the active player if it’s the right match. When one player has accumulated 3, 4 or 5 cups (depending on the number of players) the game is over.

Grab a copy of Cup-A-Cup to help burn some energy and generate some laughs when the family is looking for something to do. You can find it on Amazon, but also check for availability at local retailers. Due to many stores being closed for social distancing, R&R Games is supporting them by giving back. All you have to do is purchase direct from their website then email them the name of the local store you frequent. Learn about discount codes and details on these types of promotions by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter. While you’re online, take a few minutes and use the form below to enter to win a copy of the game!

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  1. Mia E. says:

    Lots of games of Monopoly and Life with my family.

  2. Jacquelyn Cannon says:

    I played the game Pay Day a lot as a kid.

  3. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I’ve always played Candyland!

  4. Veronica Murillo says:

    i played chutes and latters

  5. Donna L says:

    We played Monopoly.

  6. Donna L says:

    I don’t remember the last time I put a puzzle together.

  7. Gunder Coaty says:

    axis and allies

  8. Carissa Joslyn says:

    I played a lot of War, Skip-bo and Candyland when I was playing games. but I didn’t have many friends, only my dogs to play with. so, When I was about 7 my favorite show was Price is Right. I lived in the country with no people around… so I made my own plinko game out of the dirty on an embankment.

  9. Timo Hanusch says:


  10. Gina Ferrell says:

    When I was a kid I played Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders a lot!

  11. Sue E says:

    I’m 63 years old! I really don’t remember

  12. Sue E says:

    We played checkers, Monopoly, Twister and Battling Tops, Tag, Hopscotch, Hide and Seek.

  13. CathyF says:

    Candyland was my favorite game to play as a kid!

  14. Jessica Peeling says:

    I loved Chutes and ladders!

  15. Levi Byers says:

    So many, but I guess ones that come to mind are card games like Spit, Spoons, War, and Kings on the Corner!!

  16. Lauren B says:

    I loved this obscure game called Safely Home.

  17. EMMA L HORTON says:


  18. Debra Branigan says:

    We played a lot of games, but Monopoly more than most.

  19. Lily Kwan says:


  20. Rosemary says:


  21. kathy pease says:

    I always loved the game trouble

  22. Judy Rittenhouse says:

    We played Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, Hands Down, Headache, Operation, Twister

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