Silver & Gold Game Overview

Silver & Gold Game Overview


Of all the polyomino games I told you about last year, Second Chance flip and write game continues to be my favorite. There’s something about the simplicity of the game’s rules combined with its puzzle aspect that appeals to me. I’m always happy to find games that utilize strengths from some of my favorites. Perhaps that’s why we played so many polyomino and “and write” games last year.

Or should I say, “last year… and this year.” Cue the music for Silver & Gold from Pandasaurus Games.
Polyomino? Check.
Flip and write? Yup.
Compact? Sure is.
Quick play time? Indeed!

Silver & Gold incorporates some of the same positive traits of Second Chance with scoring parameters that add some decision making options into the game. Your goal is to earn the most points after four rounds consisting of seven turns each. So let’s talk about how to play.

Silver & Gold from Pandasaurus Games is a mix between a card game and a flip and write game. This compact game is worth its weight in... fun! -

To begin the game, each player takes a score card and marker. Place the round card in the center of the table. Shuffle the deck of treasure cards and deal four to each player. Shuffle the deck of expedition cards and place them face down next to the round card. Players evaluate their four cards, keeping two and returning two to the deck of treasure cards. Players place their selected treasure cards face up in front of them and four from the deck are distributed to the center of the table.

Silver & Gold from Pandasaurus Games is a mix between a card game and a flip and write game. This compact game is worth its weight in... fun! -

As you examine the treasure cards, you’ll notice they display are a variety of shapes with coins, palm trees and red x’s randomly spaced throughout. There are four different colors of cards, each with a number in the upper left corner. These represent the points you’ll earn should you manage to complete the card. The symbols have specific meanings when marked off and I’ll go over that in a minute. In the upper right hand of some of the cards, you’ll see bonus points. More on those in a minute also. 

Silver & Gold from Pandasaurus Games is a mix between a card game and a flip and write game. This compact game is worth its weight in... fun! -

We need to go over the basics first! You’ll select a starting player for the first turn of the round and play will rotate clockwise after each turn. There are seven turns in a round with each consisting of three steps. Reveal an expedition card, cross off boxes and complete rows of coins or treasure cards. 

Silver & Gold from Pandasaurus Games is a mix between a card game and a flip and write game. This compact game is worth its weight in... fun! -

At the bottom of the round card, you’ll see eight shapes. Each of these is represented on one of the expedition cards. In step 1 of each turn, an expedition card is revealed. While there are eight total expedition cards, only seven will be used per round. When it’s revealed, you’ll have two choices. Either disregard the card and mark off one square on one of your personal treasure cards or cross off squares equivalent to the shape on the card.

Silver & Gold from Pandasaurus Games is a mix between a card game and a flip and write game. This compact game is worth its weight in... fun! -

When you opt to cross of the entire shape, you can invert it, rotate it, flip it, mirror it, do whatever as long as it is an exact representation of the one revealed. You’ll mark an x in each open space on one of the two treasure cards. 

In the event that you cover an x, coin or palm tree then you get to take an additional action. If you cross off a coin then you’ll mark one off on your score card. With a palm tree, you’ll earn bonus points based on the number of palm trees on your own treasure cards and the four available cards in the center of the table. An x symbol allows you to cross any other empty box on either of your incomplete cards. You can stack your bonuses meaning you can use the x to cross off another x, coin or palm tree. 

Silver & Gold from Pandasaurus Games is a mix between a card game and a flip and write game. This compact game is worth its weight in... fun! -

In turn order from the first player and going clockwise, you’ll take the third and final step. If you’ve completely filled in all the spaces on one of your cards then you’ll set that card aside and take a new one to work on from the available cards or the top of the treasure card deck. If you’ve completed a line of coins on your score card, you’ll earn the next trophy on the round card. If the completed card shows a bonus in the upper right, you’ll earn additional points for each card of that color that you have completed at the end of the game.

After the third step, the first player rotates and the process continues with the first step again. After 28 turns (four rounds), the game ends and points are tallied. The player with the most points wins Silver & Gold! This quick game is perfect for a family game night, supporting 2-4 players ages 8 and up. You can pick up a copy on Amazon or direct from Pandasaurus Games. We’ll be digging through the feeds on Facebook and Twitter to see what kind of treasures they’ll be releasing in 2020 and we encourage you to do the same.

What are a few features of a new game that will make you want to try it?

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  1. Levi Byers says:

    This game looks so fun. Really hope to grab it one day!

  2. Frankie Pinnix says:

    I like that it’s fast paced AND interesting! I think it would keep my kids’ attention too.

  3. Seth Hale says:

    For me to want to try a new game it just needs to have any element that will make me have to use my noggin. I also like just plain fun games where I don’t have to think. I like a lot of games, I guess. But specifically I love to see euro elements like engine building, worker placement, etc. But I also adore a good dice chucker. If it’s a cohesive product in the end I’ll probably enjoy it.

  4. Anthony M says:

    Looks like a interesting roll & write game, by my favorite mechanics are point salad and take that. Those are the two that appeal to me.

  5. Sue E says:

    I love a good challenge! Different kinds of challenges. Maybe even a chance to challenge users online.

  6. Jordan Binkerd says:

    Interesting mechanics are a definite attention-grabber. I’m also a sucker for a good theme….

  7. Theodoros G. says:

    easy to teach, easy to learn, but not simplistic. So, a really good rulebook

  8. Darren Green says:

    Good mechanics and theme make me want to play a new game. Silver and Gold is a really fun game.

  9. Mia Rose says:

    I like to try new games that can be good for adults and kids.

  10. Audrey says:

    I first look at games that grab my attention with appealing or interesting art or visual designs. In general, I enjoy games with multiple ways to win or gain points.

  11. Lai says:

    I like games with colorful art and an interesting theme.

  12. Brad R says:

    Looks like a good roll and write for the family. Thansk for sharing!

  13. Dawn Mielke says:

    Must be challenging but easy to follow directions. Not a long game like monopoly but also inspiring to learn.

  14. Alex Reynolds says:

    I love trying games that use mechanics that I’m unfamiliar with! Fort was an interesting recent example – a ‘deck-builder’ that involved interacting with other players’ decks and reacting to their actions..! I generally do love a good engine-builder though.

  15. Levi Byers says:

    I’ve picked up this game and enjoy it quite a bit! Features I like in a game are clarity, theme, and whether I can imagine someone specific to play with (whether others or myself). Also, it needs to have that little bit of *something* that catches my brain.

  16. DIANE ERAL says:

    I like to learn new games and play with the kids. This game sounds like it would be a family game to play.

  17. Hans W says:

    First things that draw me to a new game is the look and theme. If I don’t like those, I will likely not bother finding out more about the game.

  18. Kristy Reid says:

    The feature I like best is Quick play time! Getting the kids to sit still long enough to play a full game is sometimes a challenge.

  19. Carlos says:

    What are a few features of a new game that will make you want to try it?
    To have epic fantasy style art, and to be a deckbuilding or an easy to catch euro.

  20. Joaquim Semeano says:

    I like to try new games.

  21. Ryan Lick says:

    Silver and Gold is my favorite flip n write game.

  22. Syrae says:

    Games that are good for large groups i always want to try

  23. drank says:

    I love how self-contained this game is. It is a flip-and-write where you don’t need to waste sheets of paper since you are marking the actual cards. Very clever!

  24. Jennie111585 says:

    I like that it’s a game that keeps things interesting

  25. Miki Gutiérrez says:

    I love point salad games

  26. william+gossage says:

    The game sound like it be fun to play. Hope to pick it up soon

  27. Natasha says:

    I like deck builders and worker placements

  28. Greg L says:

    Under an hour to play and simple to learn rules.

  29. Pete Donegan says:

    I love this twist on the roll and write genre. I’ve never played a flip and write

  30. Gunder Coaty says:

    i am brought towards a game when i see smiling people photos and a sweet organizer. when the game shows organized play space, i jump in.

  31. Max Moody says:

    A classic!

  32. Ed says:

    A game with easy to understand rules and quick play time.

  33. James says:

    I like a combination of mechanics. Good art and a decent theme.

  34. StrPap says:

    The theme, thwe duration af the game, the mechanics and the artwork

  35. Brian K says:

    If a game looks fun and like I can get my family and friends to play it, I find it interesting.

  36. Rachael+DeBates says:

    I like deck games.

  37. Elena says:

    I like cute/cool looking illustrations.

  38. Pavlos says:

    If it has asymmetric player powers, I will want to try it. Also, the looks of it must be a bit appealing to me.

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