Holiday Giveaways 2019 – NanoTorch Twist by Key Smart

Holiday Giveaways 2019 – NanoTorch Twist by Key Smart


I think it’s safe to say that I almost always have my phone on me. I don’t typically feel the need to carry a camera, calculator or flashlight because they are all available on my iPhone XR. However, that isn’t always the best solution. Yes, I always have a flashlight on me, but it’s not the most practical. Case in point, when I walk the dog at night, I need to be able to see to pick up after her. But do you know how hard it is to juggle a leashed dog, a dog bag and a phone at the same time? Not easy since you have to hit the button just right, even in the lock screen, to get it to turn on. Newsflash: It’s winter. I usually wear gloves when I walk the dog in the winter. I also usually have my phone safely in my pocked so turning on the flashlight while juggling the aforementioned things isn’t easy.

Then we discovered the NanoTorch Twist by Key Smart and it was a game changer. Not only does it have different settings of brightness, it’s lightweight and easy to carry. I included it in our holiday guide that highlighted home and electronics items and it’s compact size would have made it an awesome stocking stuffer idea, too. Even if you don’t have a dog to walk at night, there are a multitude of other uses for this handy flashlight. If you didn’t receive one as a gift this holiday season, enter to win this giveaway! One lucky reader is going to win the NanoTorch Twist. If I had a spotlight to shine on the website, I would point it at the form below. That’s how you enter!

Holiday Giveaway 2019 – NanoTorch Twist


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35 comments on «Holiday Giveaways 2019 – NanoTorch Twist by Key Smart»

  1. Christina Gould says:

    I’m mostly likely to use a NanoTorch Twist when I’m trying to find something in my closet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. John Smith says:

    “When or for what activities do you think you’re mostly likely to use a NanoTorch Twist?” When the power goes out and I wish to see while cursing the utility company.

  3. Craig Cottrell says:

    Walking the dog, looking in closet, working on the car.

  4. Gun Coaty says:

    when i am under a car

  5. Levi Byers says:

    Camping, for sure!! Or checking on the chickens out back.

  6. Jessica Peeling says:

    I would bring it with me when I am leaving work late at night

  7. Jessica Peeling says:

    I would bring it with me when I am leaving work late at night.

  8. Melissa Storms says:

    I could honestly use this anytime I have to go outside at night. There are no streetlights here and our outdoor lights do not cover our whole driveway/

  9. Jacquelyn Cannon says:

    I would use it in the basement because my lights do not work in the laundry room.

  10. Cynthia C says:

    I would keep it handy for power outages and seeing in dark corners and closets. Also I’d use it when I find myself outdoors at night.

  11. Jamie L Grimes says:

    Definately for walking my dog.

  12. Robyn Cobb says:

    i’m most likely to use the torch when camping or to keep in the car for emergencies

  13. Crystle Tellerday says:

    camping or a power outage

  14. Debra Branigan says:

    Likely to light the pathway or looking into dark spaces. We often use them around here when the power goes out.

  15. Jennifer Phillips says:

    I will use it all around the house for so many things from when the cat gets out or to see the leak I have to fix

  16. Ziija says:

    This is a really cool gadget could come in handy

  17. Ruth D says:

    in bedside drawer in case of power failure

  18. Mitchell D says:

    An emergency light in the car

  19. Jaque Richards says:

    There are so many activities that would be better facilitated with the nanotorch. Camping, hiking, the zombie apocalypse. I would keep this with me at all times to find my keys, find my way. 🙂 Thank you.

  20. VICKIE HEITMAN says:

    I would use it when looking for things in our crawl space

  21. Debbie Welchert says:

    I would keep it in my purse in case I needed it for an emergency where ever I am.

  22. Sue E says:

    I would definitely use it while camping and during our many power outages

  23. Theresa Lichauco says:

    Getting my mail so I can be sure I got it all and no spiders are inside the box.

  24. Theresa Lichauco says:

    Will getting my mail. It is dark in there and I want to be sure bugs are not inside. Never reach where you can not see.

  25. EMMA L HORTON says:


  26. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I always need light shining at weird angles when I’m working on projects. It would also be useful in the car for emergencies.

  27. Kristin Troska says:

    I would use this getting to and home again from work. I go in the dark both ways, AM and PM. Thanks!

  28. Richard Hicks says:

    Would use when power goes out.

  29. gala says:

    I’d use it for evening walks with our dog

  30. KT says:

    keep for emergencies or power outages

  31. kathy pease says:

    I would use it in my dark basement

  32. Rosanne says:

    Most likely to use this when going from the garage into the house

  33. Lily Kwan says:

    for power outages

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