Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Disney Snuggle Time by Wonder Forge

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You haven’t seen it yet, but very soon we’ll debut our list of 2019 games and toys targeted towards younger kids (check back this upcoming Wednesday!). One of the features is a brand new version of Wonder Forge‘s Snuggle Time game – this time with a Disney theme!

This National Parenting Product Award Winner & 2019 Parents’ Choice Recommended game is designed for one or more players, takes only 15 minutes and features a soft game board. Help Mickey Mouse get all of his farm animal friends to bed in the barn before it gets too late and then tuck in your preschooler for a good night’s rest! Expect lots of fussing at bedtime unless you enter to win a copy for your family below!

Holiday Giveaway 2019 – Disney Snuggle Time Game

17 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Disney Snuggle Time by Wonder Forge

  1. To answer the question, my best trick for getting my kids to rest or take a nap is to make them think it was their idea that they wanted a nap.

  2. My best trick for getting kids to rest or take a nap is to slow things down by turning the tv off, reading a story and having a snack. .

  3. My son has never been a great sleeper, but I can sometimes get him to go down by hyping up an activity or someone we are going to see after he sleeps/naps.

  4. This is horrible but I would usually lay down with them. This worked perfectly until the day I woke up and my then 3 year old showed me my broken glasses. Thank you

  5. A routine is important, but so is promising something for when they wake up! Like playing a game with them, watching their favorite TV show, or a treat – like a cookie or something. It works!

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