In conjunction with our holiday gift guides filled with gift ideas for everyone on your list, we're having a mega giveaway with over 150 days of prizes!

One thing I’ve noticed a lot lately is that gamers of all ages like to be silly every once in a while. There have been a number of games released over the past couple of years that have players stepping out of their comfort zone in pursuit of the win. We’ve seen a lot that include mouthpieces, hats, blindfolds among other things.

We found one that has players putting on a game face (literally!) with a crocodile mask. We included Chomp-Itz Crocodile Dinner from Identity Games in our guide to games for young kids. In addition to finding a spot in our gift guide, we’re chomping at the bit to give a copy away! Enter below and return daily to nibble your way to some more entries!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Chomp-itz Crocodile Dinner Game

14 thoughts on “Chompitz Crocodile Dinner Game Giveaway

  1. I pulled out an old game of Monopoly and some pieces were missing so we substituted game pieces with old toys and spices. We used Paprika, trolls, Groot, Blaze, etc. Somehow, it made the game more fun.

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