Brighten someone's Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful bouquets from Teleflora. -


I pride myself in maintaining a positive attitude even when things aren’t going so well. Whether it’s trying to juggle activities, struggling with disciplining kids in a digital age, anguishing over a new teenage driver or the chaos that is everyday life, I try to grin and bear it. Nothing good comes from bringing people down. They need to be lifted up and that’s what I try to do by giving compliments, lending a hand or simply offering a smile. Making other people happy always makes me feel better. Unfortunately, it’s been hard lately. This winter has been exceptionally difficult because Mother Nature has not been kind to us.

The Polar Vortex caused a lot of grief this winter. Brighten someone's Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful bouquets from Teleflora. -

Midway through January, we were experiencing record amounts of snow and the plows couldn’t even keep up. Then last week we were faced with the Polar Vortex. With temperatures so cold that frostbite could occur in minutes, there were cancellations and closures of schools, businesses, government agencies, events and activities. Cars wouldn’t start or would break down. Roads were hazardous because the temperatures had dipped to a level where even the road treatment products were no longer effective. Pet owners were encouraged to bundle up their pets and minimize the amount of time they were outdoors. It was simply unsafe to be outdoors… for everyone. To make matters worse, homes weren’t built to withstand this type of weather and pipes were freezing causing them to burst and flood homes. We made the best of it. We spent a lot of time finding ways to bond as a family because what else can you do when you’re trapped inside? When it’s emotionally draining for me, I know it is for others as well. I have noticed that many people are venting online about all the difficulties the weather has presented as well as the carnage left behind.

What we need is nice reminder of the beauty that Mother Nature can create.

Brighten someone's Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful bouquets from Teleflora. -

What better way to do that than with a bouquet of flowers? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a perfect opportunity to give a gift that will brighten someone’s day. Teleflora has a variety of options to do just that. We received Teleflora’s Sterling Love Bouquet in advance of the holidays so we can tell you a bit about their 2019 bouquets.

Brighten someone's Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful bouquets from Teleflora. -

You may have read about the beautiful Teleflora Christmas arrangement we received that came with a festive reusable baking dish. Not everyone has the same tastes in flowers and most floral shops provide diverse options from roses to daisies. In Teleflora’s new Valentine’s Day 2019 Floral Arrangements, there are standard, deluxe and premium options that include blown glass vases, glass cubes, satiny glass and quilted patterns and even small crocks. It’s nice when you can find different vases to fit the personality of your recipient as well.

Brighten someone's Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful bouquets from Teleflora. -

One thing I cannot stress enough is how fresh flowers can brighten someone’s day. Whenever I receive a bouquet (or assemble one from my own yard during the summer months), I stage it on my kitchen counter or the dining room table. They’re the first thing I see when I go downstairs in the morning. The fresh floral fragrances fill the room and get the day off on the right foot. In the evening, I gaze as the sun sets upon them. From sun up to sun down, a bouquet of fresh flowers can set the tone for the entire day.

Brighten someone's Valentine's Day with one of the beautiful bouquets from Teleflora. -

As with our other experiences, we’re always happy with the quality available in various price ranges. You don’t have to send them simply to a romantic interest. As I said, flowers bring smiles to faces of lots of people! But say you are concerned with giving the wrong impression when sending flowers. Did you know that different flowers have different meanings? For that matter, flower colors have different meanings as well! Imagine the kind of difference you can make with such a simple gesture.

We are thrilled that Teleflora has offered a $75 gift code for one of our readers to order a bouquet for Valentine’s Day. It has to be used by February 11th so we’re doing a quick giveaway to find a winner. Enter to win this awesome prize and while you wait to hear if your name is drawn, consider placing a Valentine’s Day bouquet order to have flowers delivered to someone who makes a difference in your life.

Teleflora Valentine’s Day Bouquet Giveaway

45 thoughts on “Make Valentine’s Day a Blooming Success!

  1. I would send the Dance with Me Bouquet with Red Roses to my friend, Suzanne, in Iowa. They’ve had 2 feet of snow with more on the way. She is a sweet and generous person and I want her to know I love having her as my friend!

  2. I would love to surprise my 90 something Aunt with the Teleflora’s Sweetest Satin Bouquet. She adores flowers and I would love to surprise her with these since she’s always so nice to my children and my husband and I.

  3. They are all so beautiful! I would send them to my daughter at work. She just started a new job and I know she’s never received flowers at work before. It would be super exciting. I honestly can’t decide between the Sweet Thoughts bouquet or the Cotton Candy. Thank you.

  4. I love the New Sensations arrangement and i know my mom would love the types of flowers in it and the pretty colors too.

  5. I’m especially fond of “full of love” because I would send that one to my Mom-in-Law in OK. She’s the only parent my hubby and I have left so making her feel special makes us feel as good as it does her!

  6. I would love to send flowers to a special little girl in my life. I would send her either the ‘Country Sweetheart’ or ‘Sweetest Satin’ Bouquet. She would love it!
    Thank you for the chance!

  7. I would send the Country sweetheart to someone I know who is struggling with some family illness and is far away right now!

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