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When I was in my teens, I remember my parents splurging for a really cool thematic chess set made of pewter. I had learned the basics of playing the game but never mastered it and still haven’t. But it got me started on playing games that make you think a few steps ahead and that’s a win in my book. When my nephew was very young, Scott and I gave him a trainer chess set so he would learn to play at a young age. Chess is a game that everyone should learn to play.

When you combine chess and puzzles, you end up with something like this Knight Hanamaya Chess puzzle from BePuzzled. If you have a passion for chess or puzzles, then enter to win our giveaway!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Knight Hanayama Chess Puzzle

21 thoughts on “Knight Hanamaya Chess Puzzle Giveaway

  1. I was 13 before I tried to learn chess. Not so sure I learned enough about the game to be any good at it.

  2. I was probably in my late teens when I first learned to play chess. I started my children when they were younger and they still enjoy playing.

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