Iquazu Game Giveaway

Iquazu Game Giveaway

3D games aren’t new to market, but they’re definitely becoming more than a glorified version of Connect 4 or Jenga. Last fall we shared our Dragon Tower overview which not only is a cooperative game but also utilizes a 3D board.

Today’s giveaway prize is another 3D game from HABA: Iquazu board game. With gems and a waterfall AND the 3D board, you can’t go wrong! Those are some of the reasons you’ll find it on our list of family games. Give HABA a shout-out on social media to let them know what you think of this game then enter to win a copy.

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Iquazu Game

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31 comments on «Iquazu Game Giveaway»

  1. Mark P says:

    I haven’t played any board games that are truly 3D, but I have some that have nice big 3D components like Everdell and Photosynthis.

  2. Rammy M says:

    to paraphrase Frank Sinatra:
    “3d games? I’ve played a few, but then again maybe too many to mention”
    well, here are some I consider 3D
    Connect 4
    Ker Plunk
    Tetris Link

  3. Jordan Binkerd says:

    Not many. Upwords is the only one that comes to mind….

  4. Maggie says:

    That’s a hard one….maybe mousetrap, jenga, and operation.

  5. Jigsaw hc says:

    Jenga & Connect 4


    I can only think of 3D puzzles at the moment, but I am sure there must have been other types.

  7. Michael Shea says:

    Squashed 3D Strategy Board Game

  8. John Dickson says:

    Love to win this.

  9. Donald Wayman says:

    Rhino Hero

  10. Cindy M says:

    I have not played any. I am sure I will At some point in the future.

  11. Sue E says:

    Battleship & Mountaineer are the only 3D games I can think of.

  12. Josh Christian says:

    Star Trek’s 3-D chess.

  13. Andrew W says:

    3-D chess, Santorini, GIANT Rhino Hero

  14. Trey LaCaze says:

    Sword Crafters

  15. brody says:

    Beats of balance

  16. Mia Rose says:

    Jenga is the only vertical game that I can recall playing.

  17. Donna Evans says:

    I have played Jenga, maybe Break the Ice is one.

  18. NShip says:

    Attack on Titan

  19. Scott Morris says:

    My favorite 3D game right now is Rhino Hero.

  20. kayla bowser says:

    Jenga and connect 4

  21. Donna L says:

    I have played Jenga, Connect 4 and Battleship.

  22. Stephanie Shipley says:

    Do Battleship and Connect Four count? If so then them!

  23. Nicole says:

    Hmmm, no board games that were 3D, just other games like Jenga, Don’t Rock the Boat, but I don’t thihnk those count.

  24. Dolores Miranda says:

    Mousetrap and Jenga are some of my favorites!

  25. Jennifer H. says:

    I have played Jenga.

  26. PBinCT says:

    Jenga and Bandu

  27. Jamie Martin says:


  28. Christina moore says:

    I have not played any 3D games, but my granddaughter has and she loves them

  29. Brittany Carter says:

    Have played Jenga and stuff like that but no 3D games this looks like a lot of fun thank you for the great opportunity as always

  30. gala says:

    I haven’t played any board games that are 3D,

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