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If you read our article about how puzzles make great gifts for all ages, you already know my life-long affection for puzzles of all types. I’m not kidding when I say seeing puzzles transports me back to my childhood. A couple years ago, I started working on all my old puzzles one at a time, one last time. When I was done with each and confirmed that all the pieces where there, I added them to a box to donate to the local assisted living facility so others could experience what had brought me such joy for so many years. The puzzles that did NOT make that journey were my 3D ones including a Hershey’s Kiss, a crystal egg and a red apple. When we saw the Red Dragon from BePuzzled, we knew it deserved a place in that gift guide. We hope you’re able to find some puzzle-related gift ideas for someone on your list because they really do foster positive memories for years. Because of this, I’m very excited to offer the 3D Crystal Red Dragon Puzzle as a prize in our Mega Giveaway and hope it provides a life-long memory for one of our readers!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Red Dragon 3D Puzzle

25 thoughts on “Red Dragon 3D Puzzle Giveaway

  1. Oof! I haven’t done a puzzle in years….. unless you count those wooden ones that look like they physically should not exist….

  2. It was a 1,000+ piece puzzle of the color red. It had an irregular border, and 50 extra pieces that did not fit. I never did finish that puzzle…

  3. A dragon one a long time ago that was so huge we didn’t have a table bid enough to hold it so had to get plywood and set it on the ground.

  4. The hardest I have ever done was a 1000 piece of colored marbles. It took a long time but I did complete it but it stressed me out so much that I haven’t done a puzzle since. But my grandson loves puzzles!

  5. I had an optical illusion puzzle that drove me mad. I ended up giving it away as I just couldn’t finish it.

  6. I love puzzles. The hardest was years ago when I attempted one with nothing but flowers. The pieces were so small it was sometimes almost impossible to see what kind of flower it was. I worked on it for almost 6 months, finished it, then decoupaged it! I still looks good hanging in my bedroom!

  7. Never tried the 3 d but I can tell you about the last puzzle I worked on. I don’t know the name of the puzzle but I can tell you I never completed it and I’ll tell you why. Dad had a job where he had to travel a lot. We worked on a lot of puzzles. Dad made sure he always was the one to finish the puzzle so he took 1 or 2 pieces with him.

  8. I dragon puzzle that had 1000 pieces, and it only had a few colors which didn’t help any but I was able complete it and glued it together.

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