In conjunction with our holiday gift guides filled with gift ideas for everyone on your list, we're having a mega giveaway with over 150 days of prizes!

I’m pretty sure last year about midway through our 150+ Days of Giveaways, I asked someone to talk me out of ever doing it again. Yes, giving away stuff is pretty awesome but it’s also a lot of work. The goal is to promote our holiday gift guides and we end up doing that well beyond the holiday season. But you know what? We really like giving stuff away. Since nobody was able to talk us out of this madness, (Wait. Did anyone even try?!) we’ve decided to do it again. We’re officially launching our 2018 Mega Giveaway which once again will include 150+ Days of Giveaways! While we won’t be titling the posts “Day 1”, “Day 2”, etc. like we did last year, we will still be well over 150.

So to kick things off, we’re turning to a brand that has been a long time supporter of SahmReviews, R&R Games has been with us so long it feels like they joined us in the caveman days of this site. Okay, so that’s a bit of a stretch, but they are some of our oldest and dearest clients and their Cave Paintings game seemed to thematically fit for beginning this year’s mega giveaway madness.

In the days, weeks and months to come, you’ll have the opportunity to enter over 150 giveaways from fantastic sponsors like R&R Games. As you enter the giveaways, we ask you to support the sponsors with shout-outs on social media and visits to their websites. We encourage you to thank them for participating because we want them to feel like this was a good marketing choice. Chances are we’ll want to do this again and we’ll want these sponsors on board again.

So keep watch for the gift guides where you’ll see games like Cave Paintings in addition to other games, toys, electronics, household items, STEM and more. If you see something that strikes you as a great gift idea, add it to your wish list. If you see a prize you really want to win, remember to return daily for more entry opportunities and to see what the next Mega Giveaway will be!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Cave Paintings Game Giveaway

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  1. I’d say my drawings are ok, not great. Recognizable. When I was younger I could draw a LOT better, really good in fact, if I had done it more often, I could have been a really good artist, but I just kind of stopped drawing.

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