Dog-gone Good: Quad Cities Dog Parks

Give your dog some much-needed fresh air and opportunity to run by visiting one of these dog parks in the Quad Cities IA/IL. -

When we moved to the Quad Cities, we used a house-hunting checklist that ensured we kept our goals in focus. We purchased our house based on the school district because one of our primary reasons for moving back was to get the girls a good education and Midwest upbringing. Fortunately, we discovered that Bettendorf is wonderful with a lot of amenities. Over the years, we’ve watched it grow and improve with the addition of bike paths throughout the city and an amazing dog park. Before we adopted our new puppy, Tink, we would regularly visit the dog park to help fill the hole left when our previous dogs passed away. Now that we have a new reason to visit, we are pleased to be able to let her run free and get acclimated to other dogs in a safe environment. While we have a backyard, I know many pet owners who don’t have such space to let their four-legged friends run free. Finding a local dog park is a perfect way for dogs to burn energy while both the dogs and the people are able to socialize. If you’re looking for a place for your four-legged kids to run free, check out these dog parks throughout the Quad Cities.

Give your dog some much-needed fresh air and opportunity to run by visiting one of these dog parks in the Quad Cities IA/IL. -


Crow Creek Dog Park
4800 Devil’s Glen Road, Bettendorf, IA

Crow Creek Park is massive with baseball, softball and soccer fields, a cross-country course, deck hockey, a place for fishing and bike paths. The dog park includes three runs. Two large ones with alternating usage to allow the grass to recover. There are benches and covered areas in addition to agility run equipment. A third, smaller space is for young, small or aging dogs offers a shelter with a picnic table and benches. All three spaces provide disposal bags so you can properly clean up after your dog. Can you see why we love it so much?

It’s the park closest to our home so it’s naturally the one we visit most. If you’re looking for something closer to your own home, here are some parks in other areas of the Quad Cities:


Centennial Park:
315 South Marquette Street, Davenport, IA

Rock Island

Eleanor Wallace Dog Park:
28th St and 78th Ave W., Rock Island, IL


Greenvalley Dog Park:
4680 60th St. And Sunrise Ave. Moline, IL

I cannot say how important these facilities are so it is imperative that you follow the posted rules. That isn’t hard to do because it usually includes refraining from bringing aggressive dogs, being courteous to others and cleaning up after your pet. You’ll give your pet – and yourself – some much needed fresh air so be sure to check these out!

If you happen to know of another dog park in the Quad Cities or have visited one of these, leave a comment or send us an email and we’ll be sure to update the article.

Does your city have a dog park?

5 thoughts on “Dog-gone Good: Quad Cities Dog Parks

  1. We have several dog parks in our area that seem to always be busy with happy dogs getting exercise. We lost our 15 year old dog recently but will use the dog park again when we get another dog.

  2. Love the dog’s name. 🙂 Our parks have doggie water fountains and I think that’s cool. 🙂 That’s awesome that the area has grown like that, and I agree school district is everything!

  3. I am happy to learn about these dog parks. We live quite far from these places, but just learning that there are places like these where our fur babies can enjoy is a good thing. I have family in Illinois. I will ask if they have taken their dogs to these parks. If not, then I guess they should!

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