Cat Crimes Puzzle Game Overview

Cat Crimes Puzzle Game Overview


I think we all played the classic game of Clue when we were kids. For us it seemed like Colonel Mustard was always using his lead pipe on someone. Maybe we just didn’t shuffle the cards well enough. Either way, it really was a game that was best enjoyed with the full compliment of six players. And with only four in the family it didn’t get played enough.

The best part of the game was the logic side of trying to deduce exactly who, where and with what had happened. It was one of the two puzzle games we owned back then, the other being Mastermind. Both did a great job of forcing you to make assumptions and conclusions based upon available information and are still on retail shelves today. Unfortunately there haven’t been many advances in the genre, that is until now.

When we first received our copy of Cat Crimes by ThinkFun, my first thought was “another cat game for our list!” Then I realized it was another in ThinkFun’s excellent line of single-player puzzle games like Roller Coaster Challenge or Wave Breaker which would challenge us to complete numerous puzzles of ever-increasing difficulty! But instead of figuring out a path or building a contraption, Cat Crimes summons us to figure out which cat in the menagerie is causing trouble.

If you ever enjoyed a game of Clue, you will love the puzzle challenge afforded by ThinkFun's new Cat Crimes. All the fun without the fears of allergies! -

The scene is set in your neighbor’s house where you have agreed to pet sit their six cats. While you expected a weekend of quiet, you repeatedly find spilled coffee, broken flower pots and even a missing bird! Of course you never see who exactly is the culprit. You must figure out the feline felon by resolving the clues on your own!

Cat Crimes includes a board representing the dinner table. The table is laid out into six sections, each with a potential crime position and two types of supporting evidence. You must figure out who was sitting where when the crime was committed using only the clues on one of the included Challenge Cards.

If you ever enjoyed a game of Clue, you will love the puzzle challenge afforded by ThinkFun's new Cat Crimes. All the fun without the fears of allergies! -

As with ThinkFun’s other games of this type, the Challenge cards start you off at a very easy level to get you comfortable with how the game is played and then turns up the difficulty as you proceed through the challenges. The card will list the difficulty level, from Beginner to Expert, the type of crime committed (in the upper right corner) and clues as to whodunit.

Using the included cardboard standees representing the six different cats, you will place them around the table in positions matching the written clues. For instance, if a clue tells you that “Tom Cat was sitting in front of catnip & a sock”, then you would place his standee in the seat position with the flower pot, since it has both a sock and catnip next to it.

If you ever enjoyed a game of Clue, you will love the puzzle challenge afforded by ThinkFun's new Cat Crimes. All the fun without the fears of allergies! -

Other word phrases like “next to” means the cat was to the left or right of the item listed. “Between” means exactly that – the current cat was between two items or other cats. Positioning in relation to other cats will come into play when you have to sit them next to a certain one or across from another. Clues do not have to be used in the order given, but ultimately you will have to verify that the positioning of all your cats correctly resolves to all of the listed clues.

If you ever enjoyed a game of Clue, you will love the puzzle challenge afforded by ThinkFun's new Cat Crimes. All the fun without the fears of allergies! -

Once you think you have all of your cats arranged correctly, flip over the Challenge card to reveal the solution. The cat sitting in the position of the crime token (the one that matched the upper right of your card) is the criminal! Get it correct and move on to the next challenge in the same manner. If incorrect, spend some time learning from your mistakes and seeing where you went wrong.

If you ever enjoyed a game of Clue, you will love the puzzle challenge afforded by ThinkFun's new Cat Crimes. All the fun without the fears of allergies! -

We really like Cat Crimes for the logic and reasoning needed in order to be successful. While advertised for only one player, there is no reason kids and families can’t team up to try to solve them together. In fact, it will probably spur good discussion about why something is placed where and why something else would not work.

We do know this has been a hot seller for ThinkFun and encourage you to pick up on a copy on Amazon for only $13 or at your local game store before they sell out again! With a promise of a lifetime supply of catnip, we convinced ThinkFun to award one lucky SahmReviews reader with a copy of their own! Use the form below to enter and come back tomorrow for additional entry opportunities!
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  1. Peter says:

    Cat’s are usually guilty of napping in boxes. Now if we’re talking about Garfield, the list gets a lot longer.


    Killing Birds

  3. John says:

    this looks fun.

  4. Mia says:

    My cat is guilty of waking me up in the middle of the night.

  5. John Smith says:

    “What crimes do you think cats are usually guilty of?” Cats are often cat burglars!

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    My cats are guilty of spilling their water bowl constantly.

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    My cat is guilty of sitting on my keyboard, her favorite spot.

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    Mine are guilty of everything from sitting on tablets to the must of sitting in your lap when you are in the bathroom!

  9. Rena Walter says:

    Curling up on your hair at night when you are sleeping.

  10. Trey LaCaze says:

    Arson, murder, and other general evil actions.

  11. Stephen says:

    Knicking items off of tables or anything they climb up onto, scatting things everywhere as they bat them about.

  12. Michelle Donovan says:

    As my grandmother would say, of being Sneaky!

  13. jeffrey allen bradshaw says:

    that’s easy……trying to take over the world….

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    My cat is guilty of walking under and around my feet when I am walking. And waking us up, thinking it is time to eat!!

  15. Kelsey Wienke says:

    My cat is guilty of attempted murder. Every time I walk across the room, she darts in front of me.

  16. Johnna Allen says:

    Mine like to climb and chew up my shower curtain liner.

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    Cats are guilty of sneaking under the covers to scare their owners, hiding shiny objects like earrings in unassuming places, & jumping from behind furniture.

  18. Lisa says:

    The crimes cats are usually guilty of are clawing up the furniture and sitting on freshly washed clothes. Getting under your feet and almost tripping you and jumping up on the kitchen table or counter are also things they’re guilty of doing. I still really like my cat though.

  19. Rachel M says:

    walking all over the computer, licking various food

  20. JR says:

    Furniture damage

  21. Karen Propes says:

    We don’t have a cat, but my friends cat appears everywhere, especially when they have pulled something down somewhere else in their home.

  22. Darlene Owen says:

    Cats are guilty of climbing all over the counter tops

  23. Sarah L says:

    Cats can be guilty of shredding the couch.
    Thanks for the contest.

  24. Deejay Fox says:

    Cats are torturers

  25. clynsg says:

    My cats are frequently guilty of napping on any clean clothes they can find.

  26. KT says:

    pooping in our gravel pit! It makes me crazy!!

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    Teasing the dog

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    Seems like a very cat like behavior

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    Cats always look like they are guilty of everything!

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    MY cats are guilty of excessive and constant shedding.

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    Attacking my feet at night

  36. Maureen Blatz says:

    Clawing furniture

  37. tiffany dayton says:

    Killing mice and birds. And getting the dogs in trouble.

  38. Love to win this cat game!Hope I can win! Me and my Grandaughter Kira would meowingly think this is the per-fect game to play for us! Hope we can win!

  39. Lizee McMillian says:

    This looks like such an awesome game! My cat is SO guilty of ruining my couches!

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