Mega Giveaway Day 142 – Ninja Squirrels Game

The squirrels are back in the neighborhood sneaking around to gather up food. You can have Ninja Squirrels in your house if you win our Day 142 prize in our 150+ Days of Giveaways! This fast-paced game involves color matching and quick thinking as players work to gather acorns. We included in our list of gifts for school-aged kids because it’s a fun game for a group of kids or for family game night. The clock is ticking… Enter to win a copy of Ninja Squirrels by RoosterFin Games before the giveaway closes!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 142 – Ninja Squirrels Game

29 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 142 – Ninja Squirrels Game

  1. I watch them from the windows of my home.
    There’s a tree in our front yard with a hole in it that we’ve watched squirrels put acorns in it and take out of it. Busy little fellas!

  2. I love watching the squirrels forage in the yard, around downtown, and on the local college campus. They’re cute to watch anywhere though! ♡

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