Mega Giveaway Day 122 – Jabra Pace Headphones

We’re in the third month of the year and we haven’t abandoned our gym membership yet! Of course, it helps that it’s a nicely remodeled facility, we use technology to help attain fitness goals and watch Netflix to help pass the time on the cardio equipment.

One thing that makes a huge difference is having wireless headphones like the Pace headphones from Jabra that we featured in our home and electronics gift guide this past holiday season. Being tethered to a phone while working out makes it more difficult to move your arms as needed. Nobody wants to be that person who catches their arm on the cord and makes their phone go flying! If you need to upgrade your headphones, enter to win the Day 122 Mega Giveaway prize, Jabra Pace headphones.

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 122 – Jabra Pace

57 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 122 – Jabra Pace Headphones

  1. These headphones will definitely come in handy while I am using my BowFlex in the basement….music really helps to get those repetitions in!

  2. I will use them when others are trying to watch tv in the other room, in the car, or when I am waiting.

  3. I would use these everywhere, walking, waiting rooms for appts. and even in bed at night so I don’t bother anyone while online or streaming.

  4. I would give these to my daughter. She needs a good pair of headphones when she goes to the gym.

  5. will use them to read and watch tv have m.s. would make things easier thank you for the chance

  6. Around the house while doing housework or out helping my husband doing deliveries on his 2nd job probably.

  7. When I work out or when I’m shopping at the commissary and don’t want to be disturbed by the dependent wives….no offense but they can be a bit over the top some times and cliquey. I like to be in my own world when I shop amd not be bothered by catty comments

  8. Will be very useful while traveling, as I travel a lot for marketing purpose and also during the workout.

  9. I would use when I exercise and walk outside daily. I would also use around the house and on the road.

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