Mega Giveaway Day 117 – Difference Junior Game

Growing up, one of my favorite parts of the newspaper was the section where you were tasked with finding six differences between two puzzles. I really liked almost anything puzzle-related so it was perfect. Over the years, we’ve featured a number of puzzle-style games, including ones like Katamino from Gigamic. There are a number of titles in the Gigamic product line that have a “junior” version. Difference Junior is one that plays on that same concept from the newspaper and is a great game for young kids. If you have a child in your life whom you would like to introduce to games, enter to win Difference Junior!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 117 – Difference Junior Game

27 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 117 – Difference Junior Game

  1. We haven’t started playing many of the ‘Junior’ games because my kids are still pretty young but we play games a few times a week so I’m sure it will be in our future very soon. Games are a great way for my mother-in-law who is disabled to interact with my kids. She has degenerative spinal diseases that have resulted in limit mobility and hand dexterity but many if not most games can still be played with my kids.

  2. “Do you purchase ‘junior’ games to introduce young kids to board games?” I have not done so, but I would be happy to do so!

  3. I haven’t purchased “junior” versions of games for them. Instead, I got age appropriate games (Snakes and Ladders, etc.) and moved up as their skills develop.

  4. We haven’t bought any “jr” games yet, but probably will as our kids get a little older. Right now the games they play are ones designed for young children (or things like Go Fish and War with a regular deck of cards).

  5. Not specifically, we are more apt to just buy a game which is geared to the age, rather than a junior version of another game.

  6. We have junior
    We love the junior games and all the kids get to play together which is always a great time

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