Mega Giveaway Day 89 – Uglydoll Loonacy Game

There are some games that can stand on their own as being a fun game, but adding a license to it can drive interest from a whole group who might not have otherwise tried it. Uglydoll Loonacy from Looney Labs is our Day 89 prize and we think it will introduce a new market of people to the variety of fun games that Looney Labs has to offer. Check out Uglydoll Loonacy on our list of Pop Culture gift ideas then enter to win this Mega Giveaway.

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 89 – Uglydoll Loonacy Game

31 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 89 – Uglydoll Loonacy Game

  1. Yes. I love Ugly Dolls. I have had several around the house for over a decade. The cat has damaged most of them unfortunately.

  2. I don’t , but I got some for my friend’s kids many years ago. Much better than the “traditional” kind of doll that creates unrealistic ideas of body size, skin tone and gender norms.

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